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Mods are player created customized content. Mod stands for modification, as it alters the original game content. Guidelines for creating your own Project Zomboid modded or modified content can be found on the modding page. If you are not interested in making your own mods, player created mods can be found on the Official Project Zomboid Forum - Modding Page.

Stinky Tiger's Recommended Mods

Stinky Tiger[1] is the Community Management Administrator on the Project Zomboid Forums. She created a short blog series on the official website of a few mods she found "fantastic".

Episode 1: Stories

Revenge of Baldspot[2] by Ontogenesis

After the death of his beloved wife, Kate, Bob "Baldspot" Smith enacts revenge on raiders, ironically named after the game's developing team.

In Case of Fire[3] by Ontogenesis

In Case of Fire chronicles the antics of Non-player character character Crazy Chris. The name gives much of the tale away.

The Hypochondriac[4] by beeawwb

The player stumbles upon a reclusive hypochondriac Non-player character by the name of Howie Hews. The question is, will the player give in to his outrageous requests? This mod adds on to the original tutorial quest, 'Til Death Us Do Part.

Episode 2: Maps

Community Map[5] by ringod123

Ringod123 has made a monster of a map, compiling modded maps from other players. These player include: Vindaloojim, Annatar, Zengee, rLOVEution, Beeawwb, Mendonca, Ian Dowes, and Ciber Ninja.

Episode 3: Weapon Sprites

Aftermath Firearms Mod V1.0[6] by Aftermath_FIN

Aftermath introduces a whole new lot of weapons including revolvers, .9mm pistol, M1 Garand rifle, M14 rifle, AK-47 assault rifle, and M16 assault rifle.

Episode 4: Food Sprites

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