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Online Multiplayer

Online multiplayer was released to the public as a beta on 10th of February 2014. At this point in time, the multiplayer, much like the rest of the game is still being worked on. This means that bugs and issues will usually come up during the course of play of the game. If you encounter issues while playing the multiplayer, you can try and see help on the steam forums or can visit the "Multiplayer Help" sections of the TIS Forums located here

Connecting To A Server For First Time

To connect to a server, you will need to be in the onlinetest beta branch on Steam. Desura users at this point in time do not have access to multiplayer. In the bottom right of the main menu you will find a "Join Server" option. Click on this and you will be brought to the connection screen. You'll need a server to connect to and can find a list of servers found here:

Some servers will require whitelists. This means that the owner will need to add you to the database in order to allow you to connect. If you run into general multiplayer problems you should post in the Multiplayer help section or the Steam forums. Below are some helpful links that should help cover subjects like FAQ, server set-ups etc.

Helpful Links

These should help you with all the required information. We'll update this page as new information becomes available.


It is currently in a rather buggy state, and is still being worked on to be fixed. This will be re-included into a future build.