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NNR Radio is a radio station that plays over the 98.0 MHz frequency. Occasionally, a reporter is sent to a scene or a guest is brought onto the show to speak, though more often, the only speaker on the program is the host.


  • An unnamed host
  • Al (Reporter)


  • Dr Jeff Galbraithe (Former Chief Scientist at the Center for Disease Control)
  • Professor Jake Wilson (Current military scientist)


The content focuses on the Knox Event and the politics surrounding it. The host attempts to stay unbiased, though the tone shifts to be critical of the government's response as the Event progresses. This is true especially after the former CDC scientist, Dr. Jeff Galbraithe, is brought on as a guest and reveals that 'America is not ready for this.' This criticality is obvious when Professor Jake Wilson, a military scientist, is brought on as a guest.

One segment sees a reporter, Al, sent to the scene after the break of the Exclusion Zone. He reports over the military's brutal treatment of the infected and the refugees that remain. Al is clearly shaken at the state of the scene even while he attempts to remain professional.


NNR Radio transcript


  • NNR Radio seems to be the Project Zomboid equivalent to the United States' NPR News.
  • NNR is the news station that lasted the longest during the knox event,

than all other tv and radio stations. before it sends out its last transmission with the report that the knox infection has spread throughout the world

last NNR broadcast on the morning of July 18 (some parts of it are experiencing static)

This is NNR

The Knox Event infection is confirmed in the following locations:

Louisville and surrounding area, Kentucky.

New Orleans.

New York.


Los Angeles, Cali<fzzt>







God save us all.

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