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This page has been revised for the current stable version (41.78.16).
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This feature has been removed from the game in patch 0.2.0r RC2.5.
It has been replaced by Knox Country.
The entrance leading to the Northern Highway.
Full Knox County map showing landmarks leading to the Farmhouse.

The Northern Highway is a long highway in the 0.2.0r map. Accessed from the road northwest of the Villas, the northern highway spans 3 different map cells leading to a large farmhouse with a well.

1st Northern Map Cell

The highway stretched all the way up north, leading to the next map cell. In the northwest part of this was a small 2-story house with a wheat field beside it. There was a small kitchen on the first floor with a refrigerator and a few containers.

Proceed north along the highway to get to the next map cell.

2nd Northern Map Cell

Again, the highway stretched all the way up north. Sticking to the left sidewalk and going north eventually reached a dirt trail. It was quite large, hard to miss.

Proceeding down this dirt road will lead to the western map exit leading into the Farmhouse.


In this new map cell, the player was surrounded by wheat fields from all sides. The Farmhouse, the Barn, and the Well are located at the northwestern corner of the map. All 3 were close to each other. Southwest of the farmhouse was a small storage shack with a few crates in it.

In a future update, the player was supposed to be able to move their Wheelie Bins across map cells, which would made this Farmhouse a choice of fortress as the Well could supply the player with an infinite amount of water.


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