Operation Fort Knox

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VHS: Operation Fort Knox
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Operation Fort Knox is a VHS providing some lore.


Operation Fort Knox is a VHS regularly found in retail, and VHS stores such as Hit Vids!.

The player can reduce boredom by -5 for each line of dialog when in the vicinity of a television playing the VHS.

The tape includes a...



Person 1:

Listen up. Your new car is equipped with missiles, nail guns, and laser mirrors.

Person 2:

Laser mirrors? You're joking.

Person 1:

I never joke about my gadgets, Agent Spiral.

Person 3:

It's Spaffgold's men. They'll never let me out of here.

Person 2:

Just relax, Polina Bigbra. My car has a few tricks up its sleeve.
*missiles firing, explosions* *nails clattering, cars skidding* *lasers zapping*

Person 4:

In twenty seconds, my shrink ray will fire, reducing you to the size of a bee.

Person 2:

You're forgetting one thing, Spaffgold. I know about Operation Fort Knox.

Person 4:

Three words Polina mentioned. They mean nothing to you.

Person 2:

Can you afford to take that chance?
Your stables are quite impressive Spaffgold, as is your bourbon.
But you can't break into Fort Knox. There are 41,000 troops around it.

Person 4:

A moot point, Mr. Spiral, when they're an inch high.

Person 2:

You mean you're going to shrink Fort Knox? But a shrink ray that size...

Person 4:

Polina's blimp IS a giant shrink ray. An ingenious plan, if I may say so myself.

Person 2:

Hanji, I know you're Spaffgold's loyal manservant...
...but he's just left you, me, and everyone else here to be shrunk by his ray.

Person 1:

*punching* <pain> *laser zaps*

Person 2:

Sorry Hanji, you were a little too lase-y...

Back cover


The classic spy thriller now on VHS. Join Agent John Spiral as he tries to stop the nasty Auron Spaffgold and his mute henchman Hanji from stealing all the gold at Fort Knox by shrinking the fort to pocket size! 1964. PG for violence.


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

VHS_Retail distribution Show / Hide
Effective chance calculations are based off of default loot settings, and median zombie density. The higher the density of zombies in an area, the higher the effective chance of an item spawning. Chance is also influenced by the lucky and unlucky traits.
Building/Room Container Effective chance
bedroom crate 1.01%
bedroom crate 23.28%
bedroom crate 41.14%
bedroom crate 76.55%
closet crate 1.01%
closet crate 3.98%
closet crate 23.28%
closet crate 41.14%
closet crate 76.55%
conveniencestore shelves 23.28%
conveniencestore shelves 41.14%
conveniencestore shelves 76.55%
cornerstore shelves 23.28%
cornerstore shelves 41.14%
cornerstore shelves 76.55%
fossoil shelves 23.28%
fossoil shelves 41.14%
fossoil shelves 76.55%
garagestorage crate 1.01%
garagestorage crate 3.98%
garagestorage crate 23.28%
garagestorage crate 41.14%
garagestorage crate 76.55%
gasstore shelves 23.28%
gasstore shelves 41.14%
gasstore shelves 76.55%
generalstore shelves 23.28%
generalstore shelves 41.14%
generalstore shelves 76.55%
livingroom crate 23.28%
livingroom crate 41.14%
livingroom crate 76.55%
livingroom shelves 23.28%
livingroom wardrobe 3.98%
movierental clothingrack 23.28%
movierental clothingrack 41.14%
movierental clothingrack 76.55%
movierental crate 23.28%
movierental crate 41.14%
movierental crate 76.55%
movierental metal_shelves 23.28%
movierental metal_shelves 41.14%
movierental metal_shelves 76.55%
movierental shelves 23.28%
movierental shelves 41.14%
movierental shelves 76.55%
pawnshop crate 23.28%
pawnshop crate 41.14%
pawnshop crate 76.55%
pawnshop shelves 23.28%
pawnshop shelves 41.14%
pawnshop shelves 76.55%
pawnshopoffice crate 23.28%
pawnshopoffice crate 41.14%
pawnshopoffice crate 76.55%
pawnshopstorage crate 23.28%
pawnshopstorage crate 41.14%
pawnshopstorage crate 76.55%
pawnshopstorage metal_shelves 23.28%
pawnshopstorage metal_shelves 41.14%
pawnshopstorage metal_shelves 76.55%
storageunit crate 1.01%
storageunit crate 3.98%
storageunit crate 23.28%
storageunit crate 41.14%
storageunit crate 76.55%
storageunit metal_shelves 1.01%
storageunit metal_shelves 23.28%
storageunit metal_shelves 41.14%
storageunit metal_shelves 76.55%
zippeestore shelves 23.28%
zippeestore shelves 41.14%
zippeestore shelves 76.55%


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\newitems.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item VHS_Home
        DisplayCategory = Entertainment,
        Type				= Normal,
        DisplayName			= VHS-Home,
        Icon				= Cassette3,
        Weight				= 0.1,
        MediaCategory       = Home-VHS,
        WorldStaticModel = VHSBox3,

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