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Oysters are a perishable food item which may be eaten raw(Fresh),reducing hunger by 5, and they will reduce hunger by 7 when cooked(Fresh). The nutritional values of it are: 15 calories, 10 carbohydrates, 22 proteins and 4 fat. Oysters weigh 0.1, and can be found in freezers in homes, in addition to the freezers of other locations containing food.

They will go stale after 2 days, after which, oysters will only reduce hunger by 3, besides giving +10 of boredom and +10 of unhappiness.

Oysters will rot after 4 days, at which point it will reduce hunger by 2, but give +20 boredom and +20 unhappiness. Eating it rotten(but only if rotten for 7 days or more) uncooked or cooked will raise food sickness by 4.9, but even with the weak stomach trait, this doesn't seem to get the player queasy.

Oysters cannot be added to a soup, stew, or be stir fried.