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Priority Issues
List updated August '18

High Priority

  • Recipe Lookup documentation reached maximum templates per article, any more and the template crashes. Needs to be fixed.
  • Metalwork Category items are incomplete, new pages are needed to fill in new constructable items.
1) Metal Containers - Metal Shelves/Metal Crate/Metal Counter/Metal Counter Corner/Small Locker/Big Locker
2) Metal Fences - Fence/Pole Fence/Fence Gate/Wired Fence/Big Wired Fence/Big Pole Fence/Big Pole Fence Gate
3) Metal roof
4) Metal sheet

Medium Priority

Low Priority

  • Knox Country has partially updated, although it still needs some work.
  • Food items now require reflecting current microwave/cooking changes. Not currently implemented in documents.
  • Information on Jar'd items not current and only a stub.
  • General information on pages need bringing up to date. Current version is yet we have pages from the initial build release still not updated.
    • Articles in Version (0.2.0p) are extremely out of date and require urgent updating.
(Consider seeing Version Categories for potentially outdated pages)
  • Navigational Map needs updating.
  • Code for health and construction of barricades needs locating for Barricade article.
  • Farming articles (seeds/plants etc) need linking up to their NavBox.
  • All weapon articles will need to be updated once the Weapons Template is fixed/changed.
  • Furniture article needs a complete rewrite.
  • Water Source articles need to be updated and brought into navigational framework.
  • Water article needs to be updated to include all water containers and brought into navigational framework.

On Hold

  • Weather article needs a complete rewrite. (Currently on hold, waiting for build 40 release)
  • Creation of "Smithing Guide" article once implemented ingame. (Currently on hold, not implemented yet.)
  • "Frequently asked questions" page needs rework and brought up to date if information incorrect. (Currently on hold, other items take priority.)
  • Further Boilerplates need adding for new types of items.
  • Massive undertaking of translation of up to date articles, and purge of old/untranslated documentation. (Currently on hold, majority of articles out of date.)
  • Construction of Dedicated Server article on linked page.