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PZwiki:Language policy Language: English
Wiki issues
List updated 07/06/2023

High priority

  • Finish up PZwiki:Project Recipe Template and Distribution.
  • Further clean-ups to the Main page (update social media icons, add Twitch icon, update quick links to include more relevant info, add links to headers to save space, add new page field or something else to community header since it has space, add/rearrange ordinary links in Box1-5), the update the sandbox and language variants.
  • Replace last uses of Category:Infobox deprecated and their language equivalents, then remove the templates.
  • General information on pages need bringing up to date. Current version is 41.78.16 yet we have pages from the initial build release still not updated. Update pages to most recent version and close the Project Build 41 Update before Build 42 arrives.
  • Update skill pages to most recent version and clean them up, link them on the main page too.
  • Update crafting pages (including language ones).

Medium priority

Low priority

  • How-to-Edit article needs updating. At the moment, only Help:Tables is missing and Help:Links is unfinished.
  • Add programming and spoken templates to Category:User templates, unify template naming and usage (Discord usernames will change throughout 2023, so that will need updating too), add missing languages).
  • Move item icons to Item_ prefix, as in-game, will require updating a lot of links.
  • Remove duplicate item icons (there's a lot that require manual searching, especially on the legacy pages, with spaces, item names, or prefixes: ANIMAL, BAG, BREAD, CAMP, CAN, CONDIMENT, FISH, FRUIT, INGREDIENT, LITERATURE, MATERIAL, MEAL, MEAT, MEDICAL, MISC, MOD, PAINT, PANTS, POISON, PREP, SEED, SHIRT, SKIRT, SNACK, TOOL, TRAP, VEGETABLE, VEST possibly more), see Special:MIMESearch.
  • Convert all GIF animations to animated PNGs, have the same time (1 second was preferred on Discord) and optimize them as well as name them properly.
  • Take a second look at pixelized class on the infoboxes, galleries, CSS.
  • Categorize new moodle images.
  • Upload old bowl images (currently optimized from old 120px version), maybe extract original from old game files? Other old icons too?
  • Fix some styling issues in PZwiki:Things to do and PZwiki:Issues.

On hold

  • Massive undertaking of translation of up to date articles, and purge of old/untranslated documentation. (Currently on hold, the majority of articles out of date, though most require native speakers.)
  • Frequently Asked Questions page needs rework and brought up to date if information incorrect. (Currently on hold, other items take priority.)
  • Construction of Dedicated Server article on linked page.