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October 2023

Wiki news 1 October, 2023

Welcome to another monthly summary of the wiki activity! This time, it's not the last Sunday of the month, but a first Sunday of a new one. Mostly because I didn't realize that August have 30 days instead of 31, but it might actually not be a bad idea to do it like that in the future – that way I won't be uncertain where to include the last few days edits. :)

Admin activity

This month saw less activity from admins, but a huge activity from users, most notably from the Project Locations and Maps (more below). That's good though! Meaning we made enough foundation for you guys to do the hard work, thank you!

However, this doesn't mean there was none – I mostly took care of patrolling the recent changes (which was a monstrous task this time due to sheer amount of edits, but after 3 months of patrolling the new edits straight, I'm finally up to the speed to the max number of Special:RecentChanges!

Vaileasys was improving the new universal item infobox as well as added the new code box for the code sections, which can already be seen on some of the item pages, for example on Chipped Stone or Stone, take a look around the wiki and expect more in the future!

Kirrus wanted to test new extensions for translations too, but that requires radical changes, so will have to wait after being tested outside the live wiki.

As far as what we're going to focus next can mostly be tracked at PZwiki:Tasks – next steps for me, other than the usual, would be tiny additions to the main page following some feedback from the community and then probably finally focus on improving and updating item pages for PZwiki:Project Build 41 Update.

Project Locations and Maps

Like mentioned before, Project Locations and Maps saw the most love this month. Thanks to the outsanding work done by our long time contributor Ikip, we have almost all businesses locations having a page and screenshot, as well as the new Building multi location template to help with that. Also, ThinkDock1721 swapped with Pohly for the project leader role, but both were helping contributing for the project! Thank you a lot for all your hard work! Also, GeoG85 did some minor edits while at it too!

Project Vehicles and Mechanics

ThinkDock1721 was also helping fleshing out the Project Vehicles and Mechanics as of recently with some minor edits by BTlegit and minor fixes from Calcutt4, SuiGeneris and Honaaa. Let's see how far that will fare us in improving those pages!


Modding saw some changes too, while minor, we had modder that was just mentioned in the latest mod spotlight, Tchernobill doing some contributions, but we also some contributions from Neznajka, Melos tiles, Birget and Sarah52 adding missing language bars for some slightly neglected modding pages, thanks!

New pages

Agnosturra added most of the missing food items and improved the rest with some minor fixes from ScenicCarnage, while Sarah52 was noting some missing junk items too, thanks! Other than that, Stock added pages for Barrel Dogs Leather Jacket, Iron Rodent Leather Jacket and Wild Raccoons Leather Jacket (feel free to add and improve to them!), Cryptic created a stub for Staples and Zimon3283 created a nice page for Metal Drum added in Build 41!

Minor fixes

Let's also not forget the minor, but important fixes by some odd contributors here and there! In semi-chronological order:

and one more user doing some fixes too.

For some reason, Keytar page saw some changes by Bagelcheesyballs, Zomboid, Meganimus and Rayiscool related to its usefullness about tree damage, though the tree damage on weapon page could use some standarizing.

You can also always take a look at all the contributors in User:ActiveUsers from the past 30 days if you wish so!


Not that much happened when it comes to internationalization, but we saw some edits from languages that didn't saw much edits lately including Italian and French, thanks! Sadly no new translations for sidebar and main page, but everything counts!

Chinese Simplified

Chinese Traditional



  • KevinITA,
  • and Cebar translating a page, though technically it was a new month. ;)


Brazilian Portugese

  • Sarah52 doing great job in English part of the wiki too, being mentioned before.

We also some discussion on Reddit from Brazilian folks too, so maybe we'll see more hands to help here. :)


Shoutout to Independent Fallout Wiki

Kate Aces from Independent Fallout Wiki have reached to me about coopration with Independent Fallout Wiki! While PZwiki is not at the same shoes as we don't have to compete with other wikis and we have a lot of support from the lovely The Indie Stone team, from providing us advertisement free hosting and giving actual help, it'd be great to be in a good term with another gaming wiki having the same aim, so if you are a Fallout fan, feel free to message Kate Aces or straight up help them with some spare edits, especially if you are a Fallout fan! So far we didn't talk much with Kate Aces, but I'm open to both of us helpings each after all, so let's see what future brings!

And that would be it for this month. Not so lazy month after all; thank you everyone for keeping the wiki fresh and alive and see you next month!

Faalagorn/ 20:18, 1 October 2023 (BST)

August 2023

Wiki news 27 August, 2023

It's a last Sunday of the month, so time for another monthly recap! August was less active when it comes to tackling main projects, but we got a lot of works, including new contributors!

The Knox Event in Real Time finished

With the The Knox Event in Real Time officially concluded, a site notice has changed to the usual Project Build 41 Update (which saw minor updates, but is still planned to be finished, hopefully before Build 42).

However, that allowed the Knox Event to be fully updated with the new info, thanks to contributions from the Cinderous, Susceptance and ThatLeaf and some cleaning up. Make sure to check it if you want to see a detailed breakdown on how Knox Infection happened (mind the spoilers, though!).

Refreshed help pages

All existing editing help pages were checked and refreshed this month, which should allow for better and easier editing! Some duplicate pages were removed, instead pointing to the great documentation on MediaWiki help pages (that are translated to multiple languages!), while more PZwiki-exclusive info being added with the long overdue Help:Tables having info about the usage of PZwiki tables classes.

Style guide was updated, including the new Preferred code style section for those more technical-minded folks (like Vibrance who's helping a lot, thanks!) and some further information, so be sure to check it out!

The translation help page was added, to aid more and more translators the wiki have as well (more about this below).

Finally, the help contents page and all the pages saw navigation and layout updates too, so they are more concise and hopefully everything is easier to find than ever! There were also some minor updates to the sidebar, projects and properly including the former things to do page!

Project Locations and Maps

This month, Project Locations and Maps saw the most attention from the existing projects, with great contributors from ThinkDock1721, but also some minor contributions from IndiePz1027, Survivor27!, Theoneofmyth654 and XelaThing, thanks!

Project Translations

With a lot of folks from around the world, the Project Translations is always seeing some updates, but before listing regular translators, let me thank from the great support of Vibrance who is consistently doing great work editing and fixing not only the Simplified Chinese pages, but also stretching to the English pages. He's the one helping with various templates too, including the help pages clean-ups and style guide ideas, thanks!

We also had great recent additions from Sarah52 who not only helped with recognizing and improving Brazilian Portuguese pages out of the regular Portuguese pages which should finally be settled after the recent split up, but also helped by providing fixed to usual English pages and adding a new template for Project Translations, thank you for the hard work!

Now let's summarize all the languages other than English now (in alphabetic order):

Simplified Chinese

Vibrance was adding translations for templates and help pages, and improving existing pages as well Azsx3241001 helping with one page, thank you!

Traditional Chinese

While Traditional Chinese didn't see much updates lately, it seems that Aicegs and Fishyang did some work on Traditional Chinese pages as well, improving some things after the name migration, nice!


While Japanese does have some translations, most are outdated, but this month both Halkaze and Tsunpi made some minor work, thank you! Additionally, thanks to an addition of the Japanese version of Frequently Asked Questions to the Main Page/ja, I also added it to the English main page for it to hopefully see more attention. It might be outdated, but if so, it's only best to make it up to date, and not bury it totally!

Brazilian Portuguese

All thanks to the great work Sarah52 (continuing on some initial work of Cau and folks from the Brazilian Portuguese translation team), Brazilian Portuguese saw lots of updates recently.

Firstly, both the main page and the sidebar were translates and are up to date!

Secondly, all the remaining Brazilian Portuguese pages out of the regular Portuguese were moved, as noted before.

Thirdly, some templates were translated and finally, some pages saw some love too, including Containers which must have been hard. Thanks for the hard work again!


Russian didn't see many contributions, but Артур Фрост and 4apayev did some minor works, thanks!


Spanish is in generally good shape (except some new additions such as main page and the sidebar translations, feel free to help!), but this month it's Maca doing all the work this month!


Finally, Thai saw the translated sidebar thanks to looknai and Riko Prushka from Discord, thanks!


Modding pages are unfortunately a bit on a back burner, but we got some contributions to that field too, all thanks to the work of Filzball, Glytch3r, Neznajka and Wagnarok this month, thank you!

Minor additions and fixes

And lastly, from the community updates, let's mention some minor, but still worthy contributions!

First of all, let's all thanks Angostura for their great work on adding some food pages that are up for standard! We still have things to do such as improval of infoboxes (more on that below) and boilerplates, but new pages that are quality, are always welcome, thanks!

Other than that, there were some minor additions too:

as well as DeadCell adding a basic Poncho page (that needs to improved; feel free to do so!) and Slamjam9 prompting to creation of the Gas pump page (thanks Vaileasys!), so I guess it counts?

There were also some fixes:

And tiny typo fixes by Driftaloft, Fazbeus, GAS2GOPROTECTER, Jorise and Will – while small, they all count, thanks!

Admin work

Finally, while not as epic as previous work, there's been some other works done by Administrators.

  • Other than improving the help pages and patrolling each change, I did some improvements to occupation icons and first time utilizing a bot, though I still find some issues with it.
  • Vaileasys is back on track with revamped Template:Infobox item, for hopefully easier additions of new items as well as Project Navigation and Categories, some of which was teased on Discord. He also finally revamped the Medicinal Plants, Wild Plants and Wild Herbs pages to follow the new Foraging categories, with more to come!
  • Kirrus is also helping with the categories by installing CategoryTree extension. He also fixed an issue with active users, so now it should display more correctly, by being updated each month so {{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}} should work, including in pages it's shown, such as in Special:CreateAccount page (and it's currently 53, thanks!).

What's next

While the focus is still geared toward what's outlined in the up-to-date wiki tasks page, expect continuing work from the existing projects. Maybe finally with the new infoboxes and categories more items will be added and updated en masse (although small fixes and additions will hopefully be there before). There might be some minor continuous additions and fixes to the main page, and I will also probably continue on tackling some minor things from wiki tasks, including image deduplication, optimization and categorization, but time will tell!

Until then, see you next month!

Faalagorn/ 14:51, 27 August 2023 (BST)

July 2023

Wiki news 30 July, 2023

So here I am, writing a third monthly summary, filling the main page with three month streak! July was surprisingly active, so let's get to summarizing it!

The Knox Event

As you probably noticed, the site notice changed from the usual one, promoting the PZwiki:Project Build 41 Update (which is not yet finished, so feel free to help!) to The Knox Event Twitter (or should I say 𝕏, gotta change the icon soon I guess). For the whole July amazing The Indie Stone developer, Pat Bren tweeted what happend exaclly 30 years ago in the game world. It will stay for a week or so at least, so people can read through it. A summary is also available on Knox Event page here, feel free to contribute if anything's missing!


Most of the work turned out to be focused mostly on PZwiki:Project Translations, as we've got quite a lot folks coming with translations!

New languages

First of all, we now have added Turkish with quite a lot translations thanks to the Texaliuz! There was also some splitting done, starting with the Portugese creating Main Page/pt-br to match separate language available in the game, thanks to the Cau on Discord who picked the pt-br pages! There still could be some mislabeled pages, so take a look at any Portugese and Brazilian Portugese pages and feel free to corrent, move or take a note here on in Discord, so they can be taken care of!

Another big change is having zh and zh-cn changed to zh-hans and zh-hant respectively, as that's the proper name used both in MediaWiki and in-game. Some pages in zh, that were supposed to be Traditional Chinese were in fact simplified, and those have been moved thanks to Vibrance. However, similar to Brazilian Portugese, if you spot any errors in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese or pages still using zh or zh-cn, feel free to report! I also had to fiddle around with namings, so you can still find some references to uppercase Hans and Hant, those should be moved too.

New translations

I've mentioned Turkish before, but this month we've seen a lot more of translation updates. Firstly, Czech Main Page and some templates finally got a translation thanks to the Flopflak, while Vibrance has been doing awesome work translating and coordinating with Vaileasys translating to simplified chinese! Ukrainian got some love too, thanks to FreD and Texaliuz helped with the Spanish translations! Very active on Discord SuperLisa is helping with the long-negled translations of Dutch main page, but not only, thanks! I also updated some Polish ones while at it. Thank you everyone contributing, including those not mentioned!

New tools

Vaileasys has been working on updating templates to support new languages, so that took (and is taking) some work, but hopefully pays off with easier translating. One of the new addition is, as you probably realized, category for each languages and option to count how many pages are there, assuming they are properly moved to the subpage of proper language, so if you spot a wrong page, feel free to point to it!

Sidebar translations

Finally, we experimented with sidebar translations. I already translated some parts of it to Polish, but we've got Dutch and Simplified chinese thanks to SuperLisa and Vibrance already, so stay tuned! The sidebar links will also automatically point you to the relevant translated pages according to the language chosen in the preferences!


A lot of work was given to categories too. Vaileasys, as always, did a great job finally getting somewhere with categories, after some discussion, some vision for categories is already done with a first tease on Discord how it looks and two out of seven phases done in PZwiki:Project Navigation and Categories. It's a long and tiring process to have everything categorized properly, but hopefully will make editing and finding relevant info faster, easier and more structurized.

Other works

While i18n and categorizing takes most of the time (and spotlight), there was a lot of work being put in other places too, so let's quickly summarize it at all!

  • Finally old infoboxes are gone now! No more pixelated looks on non-English pages. Vaileasys works on a new infobox though, so stay tuned and see progress on the Tasks page (freshly renamed from Issues, as that names was less fitting).
  • While at it, we also cleared unused Community projects – let the work focus on the ones we have now!
  • I also cleared some User templates, but with more to come!
  • Alluseri, the awesome script guy helped us manually reverting changes with wrong days_rotten in infobox, that was huge!
  • Further minor cleanups of the Main Page – and more will come!
  • Some item models being updated, there's less and less items without one on a wiki now, some got better angles and bigger models having uploaded, too!
  • Some icon optimization and removal of duplicated ones – not much, but some pages will load slightly faster and there will be less confusion about duplicated icons and names hopefully!
  • Kenji 03 and Fuberti doing some regular English edits, so that counts! And a lot of other people helping in recent changes, even one typo spotted counts, keep them comming!

Patrolling changes

Finally, it doesn't change anything, Wiki is still open for contributors, but, since I was doing that already, I decided to do it proper and utilize MediaWiki's patrolling feature. It's a feature only for admins, but I marked everything from July as patrolled, that way it helps me and other admin see if the change was actually looked over, so hopefully we should have a better wiki, preventing accidentional mistakes that happen from time to time, as I will spot them!

I originally wanted to revise Help:Contents properly, with more style guide, translation and item names addition, as well as merging and updating pages so they are easier to find, but that will have to wait for some other weekend I guess, hopefully soon™!

Phew, that's it for this month, I probably forgot a lot, so sorry for that. If you need to contact me and add something, do contact me on Discord or any other way! Until next time!

Faalagorn/ 17:19, 30 July 2023 (BST)

June 2023

Wiki news 25 June, 2023

Welcome back to the sunny (at least around here) month of June. While it's hot outside where I live and sometimes hard to focus, a lot has been done in the wiki in June. Let's get to summarizing it!

Two active admins are always better than one

Wiki is more lively than ever with not one but two very active admins! Vaileasys went back to actively editing and dusting off most of the templates, so while might not seem so at the first glance for regular uses, a lot of the templates are in the better shape than before! Hopefully it'll stay so for a long while so we can both keep the wiki in a healthy shape. If you have any questions, you can ask us directly on talk pages or Discord, with Vaileasys being more up to date with most of the current templates we use today.

Other returning users

With no major updates to the game and lazy holiday months for some, there's probably not so much activity as it could be, but that didn't prevent some from editing and we saw some loose edits from Alluseri, Carina, Fuberti, Kenji 03, Pohly and others I might have missed, thanks!

Main page changes

That's probably the most visible change, although not as prominent as the previous redisigns, the main page has seen some minor tweaks. The quick links icons were updated to feature Spiffo now, a Twitch icon was added and social icons were updated to the lastest ones too (the size will probably be tweaked to be a little more visible though) and optimized for speed, so hopefully, especially mobile users should see minor improvement. Other than that, links were updated to sentence case (preferred as per style guide) and headers are now clickable, too. Some space was also saved, which again can help mobile users. A proper responsible theme is planned somewhere in the future, but that might require a lot of more work. Some minor code cleanups were made, nothing visible, but hopefully can make translating these pages easier.

Sandbox, Polish and Ukrainian pages were already updated with the changes, but other pages will need to be updated too, I'll try to tackle that in the following weeks, but especially if you are a native speaker, feel free to do that yourself, especially as German, Dutch and Norwegian still use an old template back from the 2010s. Czech page is now created too, but not translated, so feel free to do so if you can speak Czech!

First finished project

A small milestone, but let's open a bottle of finest Kentucky's Bourbon to celebrate a first officially closed project! Nothing big, but a dusted old Recipe Template and Distribution project is officially closed and marked as finished, as a first project to do so. Other projects might need some love, but other projects hopefully will be closed eventually too, so the new ones could be made before Build 42! Thank you to any and all contributions!

New model images and page updates

A lot of new models were added, thanks to the constant work of Carina and Vaileasys along with some pages being updated to the latest version (41.78.16 as of writing) and cleaned up. A small step to page being more up to date and hopfully interesting! A size of 200 pixels wide for models (ideally uploaded at 400 × 400 pixels, as noted on the style guide and 128 pixels wide for scaled item images, but thanks to models being in-game the 128 pixels images are less and less used nowadays. :)

Translation cleanups

Some translations being outdated is a slow process; similar to the Main Page additions, some pages were moved, some had its infoboxes updated, but Vaileasys did some great work on updating some language templates and general workflow. Feel free to help us in Translations project (you can start at choosing better colors, as I'm terrible at it ;)).

Other changes and future work

Other minor achievements usually tracked in PZwiki:Tasks or my page include:

  • Removal of old Lua Event pages, with Lua Events being the current one, Modding: prefix is no longer being used, so if you have any scripts relying on it, please update it! Modding page still could use some love, too, with the redisign started by Aiteron
  • Removal of any broken redirects and double redirects
  • Probably other things I missed, or are too miniscule to mention, but keep an eye on PZwiki:Tasks as I plan to rely my work toward reducing the number of issues there!

Until next time, hopefully next month will mark three months of being up to date with the wiki news!

Faalagorn/ 10:29, 25 June 2023 (BST)

May 2023

Community News 28 May, 2023

Hello again! To brighten up PZwiki a little, after a brief discussion on the Discord, I decided to update this section each month with a monthly recap of what happened in PZwiki if time permits, hopefully every last weekend of the month. So, starting with May, what happened? Quite a few actually, though most changes were under the hood.

Annonymous side statistics

Thanks to the lovely website manager Kirrus, some anonymous site visitors stats are available to be viewed using self-hosted Matomo Analytics, A Google Analytics alternative that is totally annonymous, but allows us to see most visited pages, devices being used and the like – this should allow driving more direction in the areas that needs the most attention, like most visited pages or tailor it better to the devices being used.


Thanks to Mash, we now have a unique, nice-looking favicon! It should appear in most browsers, as well as in bookmarks or shortcuts, and being available in several sizes should be picked right for each device. Feel free to let us know if there's some issue on other devices, especially Apple ones, as there are sizes and icons that are unique to some devices, so if something comes up pixelated, we might consider adding something for it!

Wiki manager

Following the news from February, I ranked up higher to a wiki maintainer, this, among some other minor things, allows me to do some more under the hood changes, including changing some of the interface, which brings me to another point.

New sidebar

I cleaned up and revamped the sidebar a little, including adding a tooltip to each of the entries. This was followed by some renames briefly talked about on Discord too. Feel free to leave any comment on Discord or on my talk page if you see any typos or want something changed.

Cleaned up TODOs

Along the improved sidebar comes also improved TODOlist, I refreshed PZwiki:Tasks as well as PZwiki:Community projects, basically moving what I had on my talk page and removing things that no longer apply. You can now watch the direction wiki goes better. While at it, I also cleaned up some of the Help:Contents and Help:Style guide (where, after a brief discussion with TIS team thanks to Kirrus asking them directly whether US or UK writing style is preferred, a US preference comes first so sorry Spiffo!), though more changes, including writing up Help:Tables is still on the table (no pun intended!).

Minor changes to the Main Page

There were some minor changes to the news to the Main Page, following the changes for sidebar and TODOs, mostly to the news sections. These are not yet carried to non-English Main Pages, though there might be some more changes coming, so stay tuned!

RecipeLookup removal

RecipeLookup template served its purpose since its introduction back in 2011 by then-wiki administrator DUMBELLS and saw a whooping over 600 edits, but since then became too large and outdated and was, after several experiments and tries, replaced with Template:Crafting/core by our another administrator User:Vaileasys who did lots of the groundwork for what we have now back in 2019. It was largely replaced for the English pages since, and then I slowly began finishing off what Vaileasys started and finally, after months or replacing it here and there, I went up and replaced it elsewhere, finishing it just today. This finally allowed me to remove the template and its surrounding ones. This allows to focus on future, especially as Build 42 will totally overhaul crafting and remove some old item icons and template errors, as well as ease up maintaining what we have now. Nothing is without loss though, as unfortunately the new template wasn't translated to most languages yet and some pages such as non-English Crafting page suffered the most, so if you have time, you can help translate and add missing stuff to those pages based on the newest content!

Also, hopefully it won't be needed, but just in case, old versions of templates can be restored by any administrator, I also have a local copy of the Russian and Japanese crafting pages, as these were the largest, so feel free to contact me if you want to recreate the pages but want to look how they looked like before.

Item models

Thanks to Carina, most items have models now! There'll be still some cleaning, but Carina did mention few times that if you want any model uploaded, you should ask her about it, so I guess don't hesitate to ask her about it on Discord!

Other contributions

We also saw some returning and new editors doing some minor cleanups as well as some updates for French and Russian pages. While this month was quite slow, a lot has happened since February anyway and slow updates are to be expected until the game gets a new update, which gives us time to focus on improving existing things!

What's next

For me first, I'll finish up cleaning and close PZwiki:Project Recipe Template and Distribution which will be a first project closed, clean up and remove duplicate images now that they're not needed, move some templates that use Crafting/core template directly, then move up on removing old navboxes and infoboxes and then follow a little more about categories, especially the non-English one to give a good base to work at. Then update some admin pages and hopefully go on full-on for updating everything to build 41 and closing PZwiki:Project Build 41 Update project! Till the next month!

Faalagorn/ 23:34, 28 May 2023 (BST)

February 2023

Community News 26 February, 2023

This section was always a tad neglected, but after a few years of radio silence, it's time for some refresh!

New administrator

Kinda weird to introduce myself, but thanks to User:Kirrus, I got admin rights right at the beginning of Feburary. This allowed me to do some Spring cleaning to the Wiki.

Wiki mainteneance

Again, thanks to the User:Kirrus, we had some new Wiki upgrades, including caching tweaks, new SyntaxHighlight plugin and some mainteneance upgrades.

Nearest neighbour image scaling

Separate 120 px / 128 px item icons are no longer needed! Thanks to the addition of a class=pixelart to MediaWiki:Common.css by User:Kirrus, it can now be applied to icons which are now scaled using nearest neighbour and are no longer blurry, see User:Faalagorn/120 px test to see how it works. It took a while to update all templates and pages to not use the 120 / 128 px variants of icons, but it should work in all modern browsers and some older ones as well, without having to upload a separate version of the icon (unless you are stuck with IE6, though can you even browse anything at that point?). Currently it is applied only to images using class=pixelart and for galleries it can't be applied automatically, but maybe in future it could be applied globally for everything (since we mainly use pixel art anyway).

Cleaning of old burden

Aside of removing the 120 / 128 px icons, I also removed some old templates. There's still more to do (you can track progress on my User:Faalagorn page, especially for translations, so if you can, please upgrade the old pages to use the newest templates, especially the Template:RecipeLookup, Category:Infobox deprecated. It also helps to add DISPLAYTITLE to translations as per Help:Style guide.

New languages

Ukrainian thanks to User:NeGat1FF, Hungarian thanks to User:Gerizmo and Chinese Simplified (Mainland China) thanks to User:Dlm tamashii are all officially added to the wiki now! Feel free to translate to those or existing languages, or add your own!

PZwiki projects updates

Everyone welcome User:Pohly as the new manager of PZwiki:Project Locations and Maps! Also, some original projects by User:Vaileasys were updated in PZwiki:Community projects. The PZwiki:Project Build 41 Update is close to being finished too, hopefully to be settled before Build 42 hits!

Other works

User:Aiteron did a lot of work with Modding recently, we also had a lot of contributors from the regional existing communities, including Russian by User:ВЛАДИЧКА, Thai by User:‎Godofpleum007 and a lot of work by others, including plumbing revamp by User:IN REM and loose edits by many unnamed contributors in Special:RecentChanges! Thanks a lot for any edit made!

Future work

For me, I'll keep on cleaning the old burden and eventually focus on upgrading everything to Build 41, hopefully before Build 42 hits IWBUMS. Some of the work I do can be tracked on my user page. Until next time!

Faalagorn/ 22:49, 26 February 2023 (UTC)