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Seat Yourself Furniture
Seat Yourself Furniture

Welcome to Project Seat Yourself Furniture, a PZwiki project that aims to improve, organize and keep up-to-date all articles relating to tiles. This includes any and all furniture, whether it's craftable, movable, interactable or not.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on our discussion page.

Anyone is welcome to join by adding the contributor userbox to their profile from the contributors section below.

Job board

  • Update tiles to build 41 and add Louisville ones, including the ones from User:Faalagorn/Unused tiles.
  • Add to tiles:
    • Graves.
    • Church tiles.
    • Railroad tiles.
    • Industry tiles (metal elements).
    • Weathered notices (to trash).
    • Curtains, sheets, barricades, sheet rope.
    • Mirrors.
    • Signs, posters, flags, paintings, drawings, – standing and hanging (incl. mall map, cinema stands, etc.), canopies, cork boards.
    • Floors, carpets, rugs, grass, plower land, water, snow, gravel, dirt, crops, roads?, railroads?…
    • Entrances: windows, doors, stairs.
    • Walls, fences, railings, cubicles, sandbags.
    • Roofs.
    • Trees and bushes.
  • Rename and reoptimize tiles (see also User:Faalagorn/.webp test).
  • Resort tiles.
  • Use templates for tiles (incl. automatic tile count, organized weight reduction, tools required, items obtained from disassembly…).
  • Add missing parameters for tiles (ID, thumpable, storage types (it's in comments), half-tile, can be gone through, hanging etc.).
  • Add animations for container and overlays (incl. smashed by car).
  • Add different angles.

Articles in need of improvement

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Seat Yourself Furniture

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