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Last updated 2024-01-28.

We don't want PZwiki to become one of those horrible wikis with hundreds of militant rules. Please try to follow these simple "rules" so that we don't have to make more!

  1. Anything that is against the Project Zomboid Terms and Conditions is not allowed on the wiki.
  2. Civility is the golden rule. The PZwiki should be a place for people to come and share their experiences and discoveries for other members of the community to enjoy (see wiki spirit).
  3. No spamming or vandalizing.
  4. Misleading, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate usernames are not allowed and will be banned indefinitely.
  5. Advertising is not allowed. This includes linking to mod or server IPs, unless relevant to a guide or list of mods/servers.
  6. Discuss any suggestions for changes to the look of PZwiki before implementing them. Do so on our community portal discussion page.

Pages under the "User" namespace are exempt from rule 5. For any further questions or suggestions, please contact one of the wiki's administrators.

Wiki spirit

The wiki spirit refers to the collaborative and open nature that underlies the creation and maintenance of the wiki. It embodies several key principles that contribute to the success and effectiveness of the wiki. These aren't necessarily rules, but are key principles that are important for a wiki to be functional and healthy.

These principles are:

Knowledge creation and sharing should be open to everyone. Anyone can contribute to and edit content, promoting a collective effort to create comprehensive and accurate information.
The wiki thrives on the collective knowledge and expertise of a diverse group of contributors. The community should work together to pool information, correct errors, and improve the overall quality of content.
Wiki contributions are visible to the entire community. Changes are tracked, and users can view the revision history to see who made what edits, when and why. This transparency helps ensure the reliability of information and allows users to understand the evolution of content.
The wiki encourages a neutral point of view. Contributors are expected to present information objectively, without bias or favoritism. This helps ensure that the content is informative and reliable.
Decisions regarding content changes often involve discussions and consensus among community members. Consensus helps resolve disagreements and ensures that edits align with the community's goals and standards.
The wiki should promote a respectful and inclusive environment. Contributors are encouraged to engage in constructive dialogue, and disagreements are resolved through discussion rather than confrontation.
Content on the wiki is constantly evolving, with ongoing improvement and refinement of articles. Users are welcome to update information, correct errors, and enhance the overall quality of the content.