Paint Brush

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Paint Brush
Paint Brush
Paint Brush
Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Painting walls
Plastering walls
Technical details
Base ID Base.Paintbrush

A paint brush is an item used in construction.


They are used to plaster a player constructed wooden wall.

A plastered wall, whether it's player constructed or not, can be painted using paint and the paint brush. Symbols can also be painted on more surface types than just plastered walls, such as on a wooden sign.

They are used to paint a plastered wall.


Paint brushes are usually found in crates.


From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 39.67.5
	item Paintbrush
		Weight		= 0.2,
		Type		= Normal,
		DisplayName	= Paint brush,
		Icon		= Paintbrush,

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