Patch 0.1.2a

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Patch 0.1.2a was released May 29th, 2011.

Patch Notes

  • Added 'speed up time' button (return) that will (PC power dependent) speed time up by a factor of ten. Useful for skipping cut-scenes, waiting out a night when not tired, or doing Benny Hill impressions.
  • Tweaked zombie numbers to make it less immediately punishing. Days are now safer for longer, without sacrificing the danger of nights.
  • Added arrow keys / right shift / control keys as alternates to WASD.
  • Lowered zombie path-finding range.
  • Made zombies have a chance of getting 'bored' banging doors and investigate other zombie sounds, thus making it feasible to wait out zombies at the door if they don't break it down in time and you make no further sounds.
  • Added tutorial skip option that we're somewhat ashamed of thinking of and will probably become infamous. You'll see.
  • Fixed Kate's dragged / dead frames which weren't working.
  • Fixed infinite ammo bug.
  • Player's footsteps now make sound audible to zombies. to compensate for this zombies have less peripheral vision.
  • Double click to add to inventory.
  • Fixed missing moodles for bleeding, injury, pain etc.
  • ESC skips dialogue for current conversation entirely.
  • Potential fix to lag issues. Not definite or even probable but possible.
  • Space will now open inventory and holding it will stop it from closing.
  • RTS style control groups for equipped items. Shift+Ctrl+ 1-9 will store the current equipped items for that hotkey. Pressing 1-9 after will recall them if they are in your inventory. (shift + control is because you use control in battle so using ctrl alone would lead to accidental overwrites)
  • Ctrl click will drop an entire stack into a container straight away instead of one by one.
  • If you walk away from a container while holding one of its items on your mouse pointer, when it shuts the container it will add the item to your inventory and keep it on your pointer, instead of removing the item from your pointer.
  • Some balancing of item weights. (Still more required)
  • Improved moodle effects.
  • Added 'encumbered' moodle.
  • Bandages now stop health loss completely for that body part. (until proper medical attention is in via NPCs/Skills)
  • Pain threshold reduced to better warn of scratches etc.
  • Increased wall transparency range.
  • Line of sight now works when zombified.