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Patch 0.1.4c was released June 19th, 2011.

Patch notes

  • Adjustments and tweaks to Panic system.
  • Fire Animation rate fix.
  • Fire-system memory leak fixed.
  • A bug un-spotted so far with the Clock has been fixed.
  • Infection rates from zombie scratches and bites modified after _extensive_ testing.
  • Memory leak in the rain system fixed
  • Based on extensive play-testing - Fixes to incorporate the specific number of bruises, scratches, bites has been factored into the body damage calculations.
  • Bug with moodles always being shown in the lower right on Hi-Res displays is now fixed.
  • Body part status updated to reflect being on fire/burning.
  • Alcohol helps you calm down and combat the panic-state moodles and their negative effects.
  • Player can become drunk from consuming too much alcohol.
  • Drunkenness moodles added.
  • Mass mantis bug cleanup fix operation.
  • Panic only triggers when a zombie comes into view closeby, not if it wanders closeby while in view. Panic still occurs if suddenly you see a ton of zombies, but only if you're outside or the zombies are inside the same building as you.
  • Stumbling about like a buffoon when drunk.
  • Fixed various LOS issues with walls / windows / doors.
  • Changed 'time since seen zombie' code to avoid 'permazomb music' syndrome.
  • Hallucinations cannot break down doors.
  • Indoor ambush zombies are deaf and only respond to seeing player, to avoid them thumping at doors.
  • Addition to panic system to aid in 'user empathetic response to character panic'
  • Fix to mac log file problem stopping it working.
  • Weather blending system to stop it from raining constantly.
  • Fix to allow the drinking of booze by dropping it on the heart icon.
  • Fix to bug in fire code.
  • Fix to pain system, to allow pain to dissipate naturally once all body damage is gone and player is fully healthy.
  • Sleeping clears the system of sleeping pills, beta blockers and anti-depressants.