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Patch 0.1.4a was released June 6th, 2011.

Patch Notes

  • N, E, S, W / NE, SE, SW, NW directional control toggle
  • Inventory grows to fill vertical space of sidebar.
  • Fixed various bed related bugs. Added option to sleep to avoid accidental clicks, or to inform player why they can't.
  • Fixed pot dupe bug.
  • Fixed the death sound. WHEN DID THAT START HAPPENING?
  • Planks of wood will be useable melee weapons
  • Ripped down barricades turn into wood plank with that much health taken off, so can be reused but with reduced health.
  • A few stragglers aside, zombies flock together and slowly migrate around the map in one or more groups, meaning the zombie density around the map will differ massively, and this will change over time. This means that your safe-house may be left alone for some time before suddenly being in the centre of a massive shambling swarm.. This may need some balancing in future updates, but should provide more strategy to avoiding the horde. (Also running nonchalantly down an empty street at night then bumping into a ton of zombies is cool)
  • Scratches have only 25% chance of infection, and you will only find out a day or more later when you get queasy if you were infected. Bites are 100%.
  • Added something little to the tutorial that was missed off due to time.
  • You survived for...
  • Bite / scratch / death sounds.
  • Uhoh! Something that'll catch people out a fair few times before they adjust their plans slightly.
  • Can barricade with hammer in your offhand. Forgetting to do this if you have wood selected and try and barricade a door, it will fail but NOT open the door to all the zombies you're trying to protect yourself against.
  • Context sensitive clicking is disabled when CTRL is held.
  • Beds can only be used when within 'open container/open door' range.
  • Skipping tutorial will retain the 'safe zone' until you venture out, to make it a way of skipping the tutorial without punishing the player, making it a more attractive option.
  • Experimental - Raised day length from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, now that there is the ability to fast forward. Doubled the speed of fast forward (CPU dependent).
  • Food / pills can be eaten by putting them on the heart icon, in analog to putting things in inventory.
  • Couches / sofas can be slept on.
  • Eating / pill popping no longer clears item from mouse. So eating multiple is just multiple clicks.
  • Restarting after death. Will skip front end and load the map again immediately. May cause obscure 'second playthrough' bugs from restart we'll have to deal with as they become apparent. May also be pushing it for memory on lower end PCs if the old map hasn't been garbage collected in time.
  • The heart icon does a little wiggle (like the moodles) when you sustain injuries, as a reminder that you might need to tend to some new ailment.
  • Mouse hotspot offset removed on Mac until proper cursors are working.
  • Options file saved in lwjgl cache with game resolution. For those Mac users that need a different res for offline. Will have no effect when played in the browser.
  • Random buildings / doors will be locked and only openable from the inside. Fire axe can attack doors. (Well everything can but most are ineffectual)
  • Craftable full-tile barricades made from 2 plank + 2 nails + hammer. Exact #'s still to balance.
  • Smashed doors either by player or by zombie yield some planks to pick up.
  • Game pause/resume and speed control buttons on the hud.