Patch 0.1.5a

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Patch 0.1.5a was released August 28, 2011.

Patch Notes

  • Craftable doors. Smashed doors have a chance of dropping hinges and door knobs.
  • Open doors now block vision/collide at their new angle.
  • Professions and traits – initial character customization.
  • Cooking food. Fully functional ovens.
  • Food now goes bad. Refrigerators slow down the process. Eat consumables first!
  • Chance of illness if eating spoilt or uncooked food.
  • Bored and depressed moodles. Read books or magazines or go for a stroll outside to relieve boredom (more later). Eating cooked meals also reduces boredom / depression.
  • Curtains. Block view into building without needing barricades. Sheets can be used to make makeshift curtains.
  • Various bug/crash fixes. Notably no more fire crashes.
  • Burglar alarm on a couple of random buildings on the map.
  • Barricading and crafting etc now takes time to complete. Alterable by different traits.
  • A few more foods and cooking apparatus / crafting recipes.
  • Customizable characters. Most of the legwork for the NPC update already done due to this.
  • Sandbox mode / Adventures of Kate and Baldspot
  • Moddable items, moddable crafting recipes, moddable item distribution, moddable maps, moddable costumes / characters.
  • Rain gets you wet. Colds. Get a cold, coughing and sneezing draws zombie attention. Tissues will mute the sound you make.
  • Wearable clothing.
  • Jukebox – at moment with some old PAWS tunes. One day this system will allow in-game playing of music collection.