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Weight: 0.8

The pillow can be found in the wardrobe at the beginning of the tutorial. It is only used if you wish to skip the tutorial. This is done by using the pillow to suffocate Kate when she is in bed. It is also used for crafting a mattress.

Using the pillow will place a picture of Kate into your inventory, which currently serves no purpose apart from having it for sentimental and aesthetic reasons.

Some players have expressed confusion over the suffocation of Kate when they first play. They state that they were just trying to make her more comfortable, resulting in many humorous situations.


Name Recipe Description
Mattress x1
Needle.png + Thread.png + Pillow.png + Sheet.png
Suture Needle
Thread (5 units) Pillow x5 Sheet x5
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
A soft Mattress used to make a bed. Carpentry Level 0


item Pillow
	Type				=			Normal,
	DisplayName			=			Pillow,
	Icon				=			Pillow,
	Weight				=			0.8