Pot of Soup (Recipe)

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Pot of Soup (Recipe)
Pot of Soup.png

Weight: 4.0
Hunger: -40

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Note: This is a different item than the one made by pouring an open can of soup into a cooking pot.

Soup Recipe

The Soup Recipe creates a Pot of Soup, which is a tasty yet nutritious food item that is crafted by placing up to 6 Soup Ingredients into a Cooking Pot with water. The soup can relieve a large amount of hunger, boredom, and unhappiness, though these amounts vary depending on the player's cooking skill, and the combination and quantity of ingredients. The name of the soup will depend on the ingredients added, but the player can also rename it. Soup can be drank in whole, half, or quarter increments, but this does not reduce the weight of the pot of soup. A pot of soup can be poured into either 2 or 4 Bowls of Soup. Cooking the soup will increase its effectiveness. If a soup contains raw ingredients, it must be cooked to prevent Food Poisoning.

Soup vs Stew: Bacon, Bacon Rashers, Steak, Meat Patty, and Beef Jerky can be used in stew, but not in soup. Bell Pepper, Cheese and Dry Ramen Noodles can be used in soup, but not in stew. Otherwise, every ingredient behaves the same in both soup and stew.
Soup takes 50 minutes to cook, and burns in 100 minutes.
Stew takes 70 minutes to cook, and burns in 140 minutes.



Each ingredient added to the soup will add its hunger reduction to the total. A maximum of 6 ingredients may be added, excluding spices. Spices must be added before the 6th ingredient. When adding ingredients, the hunger reduction will be shown next to the ingredient name in parentheses. Cooking any soup will increase it's hunger reduction, but will disallow adding further ingredients.

Boredom & Unhappiness

Each new ingredient added to the soup will add -5 Boredom/Unhappiness, but the maximum is limited by cooking skill level. At cooking level 0, the maximum is -10 Boredom/Unhappiness. Each ingredient added beyond this will INCREASE Boredom/Unhappiness. However, at cooking level 2, the maximum becomes -20 (4 ingredients). The player can add more ingredients, but at level 2, 4 ingredients is the optimal number for Boredom/Unhappiness reduction.

Adding a second ingredient that has already been added will not affect the Boredom/Unhappiness of the soup (though it will change Hunger). However, adding a third or more of a same ingredient will INCREASE Boredom/Unhappiness.

Stale & Rotten Ingredients

Ingredients that have gone stale can still be used in soups. Their hunger reduction will be added to the soup, while the boredom and unhappiness penalties will not. This is a good way to extend the life of your perishable foods, and is one of the best uses of soups and stews.

Ingredients that have gone rotten can be used by players with cooking skill of 4 or 5. This will add a small amount of the hunger reduction but will not create rotten soup; an expert chef can trim the rotten pieces off, saving any good parts.
Skill level 4 allows 5% of the ingredient to be saved.
Skill level 5 allows 10% of the ingredient to be saved.


Product XP Gained Skill(s) Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
Pot of Soup (Recipe) x1
none Water
Cooking Pot
Cooking Pot x1
Soup Ingredients.png
Soup Ingredients
Heat source
Heat Source

The type of soup created will depend on the ingredients added.
For example:

The Hunger, Boredom, and Unhappiness amounts will vary depending on the player's cooking skill, the values and quantities of ingredients added, and whether the soup is cooked or uncooked.


item PotOfSoupRecipe
        HungerChange	=	-40,
        Weight	=	4,
        Type	=	Food,
        IsCookable	=	TRUE,
        UnhappyChange	=	-20,
        MinutesToBurn	=	100,
        DisplayName	=	Pot of Soup,
        ReplaceOnUse	=	Pot,
        Icon	=	PotFull,
        MinutesToCook	=	50,
        BoredomChange	=	-10,
        DaysTotallyRotten	=	5,
        DaysFresh = 3,
        CustomContextMenu = Drink,

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