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Project Zomboid (簡稱 "PZ") 是一款 製作中 的殭屍生存遊戲,同時亦帶有開放式世界的角色扮演遊戲和沙盒類遊戲的元素在內。遊戲是使用 Java編碼製作,Project Zomboid會在PC、Mac和Linux上發佈。

Project Zomboid是由The Indie Stone所製作,目前仍然在開發階段。官方公佈的遊戲開始製作日期為2011年3月15日

The Indie Stone經常會在官方討論區中和玩家作出交流並吸納各種意見,並和開發人員的想法互相溶合,從而在遊戲的開發過程中,改變或加入更多的部份,最終造出了現在的成果

遊戲現在處於Alpha階段,版本號碼為2.9.9.10,這同時是發佈在Desura的版本和早期發佈在Steam上的測試版本2.9.9.17 (11)

Desura,作為Project Zomboid的官方,亦有發佈一個免費的版本作為"Alpha版本前的演示版本",直至The Indie Stone發佈出完整的版本為止。


The character creation screen.



故事模式很快就會發放,這是描述'Til Death Us Do Part,一個關於Bob & Kate Smith的故事。同時亦會作為遊戲的訓練模式,教導玩家如何行動、製造繃帶和治療傷勢、封鎖你的房子等等。

繪製地圖工具已經免費發放中,更多的故事將會在未來由The Indie Stone或是玩家自行創作。









Starting off.jpg

Played from an Isometric point-of-view, players must survive a zombie apocalypse in Knox County, a fictional city.

Survivors must scavenge weapons, food and medicine while exploring vacated streets and buildings. When encountering zombies, the player must fight with whatever he has on hand which can range from a powerful Fire Axe to a puny Butter Knife. Sometimes, running away is the best solution.

NPC survivors can found wandering about at random and can give you quests, like ransacking the nearest General Store for supplies.

When night falls, the player must fight against himself: exhaustion, hunger, thirst and boredom. These select few status effects, called Moodles, can be treated by sleeping in beds, eating previously scavenged food, refilling your Water Bottle at your nearest faucet and entertain yourself by reading books, magazines and newspapers. The Moodles increases the immersion and realism of a zombie outbreak as well as a real human life with needs.

Players can fortify a Safehouse by barricading the doors and windows with Wooden Planks and Bed Sheets using carpentry tools like Hammers, Nails and Saws. More creative players can go as far as building a custom house by creating Walls, Doors, Window and Door Frames and Stairs.

After enough training, the player can Level Up and distribute a skill point to 1 of the 14 available Skills, giving the character a boost.

The main goal in Project Zomboid is to stay alive as long as possible... or die trying. When the player dies, a message will scroll from bottom to top indicating how many years, months and days have passed since the game started. Also, dying Auto-Saves the game, meaning you have to start a new character. This prevents "Time-Traveling Quick Load Cheating", making the game more Hardcore.


Project Zomboid, coded in the ambitious Java programming language, is being developed by The Indie Stone, a small independent gaming studio based in the United Kingdom.

The current team includes:


Despite being in pre-alpha stage, the early builds/versions have garnered a considerable audience, praising the realism and old school isometric approach. Now with almost 10 000 registered forum users, the early versions of the game "morphed" with the community's suggestions and The Indie Stone's view of the final product. Anyone can go in the Suggestion forums and share any ideas they have for the future, and even have a chance to be replied by the developers themselves.

As of March 27 2012, Update v2.0r as been announced and has generated a lot of hype, mainly due to new game mechanics implementation, new weapons and overall game polish. With over 780 replies and 63000 views, it is one of the most active thread since the new update's announcement. Some jokers on the forums went as far as changing their post's title from RE: UPCOMING to RE: RELEASED, tricking newer forums member into believing the update has been released.

On April 10 2012, The Indie Stone posted 2 new videos about a new sprite animation system. Opinions on the forums were divided. Following this, lemmy101 posted this thread regarding the new sprites.



在2011年9月11日,一款廣受歡迎的沙盒遊戲Minecraft在主畫面中,以標題旁的黃色閃爍標語為Project Zomboid作出宣傳,內容為 "Also try Project Zomboid"。

在2012被授予BAFTA時,Markus "Notch" Persson在他的得獎演講中,提到Project Zomboid將會交給Fez和Proteus。

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