RC 2.9.1

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RC 2.9.1
Latest release
April 29, 2013
Stable release
April 29, 2013

RC 2.9 Build 0001 was released April 29, 2013.


  • 20x20 cell map-size covering entire of Muldraugh and surrounds
    • (largely incomplete but explorable with stuff to find, and several finished inner town cells)
  • Balanced and expanded combat and zombie behaviours to make one easy to dispatch but 3-4 at once deadly.
  • Streaming world. No load screens once in-game.
  • New UI system / inventory / front-end
  • In-game login and resolution options.
  • In-game chat (optional)
  • Multi-map ѕupport for multiple maps.
  • Multi-world save functionality. (Still save on quit)
  • Female Zombies.
  • New character hair / beards.
  • Additional animations.
  • A whole bunch of new tiles.
  • Camping (fire pit + tent).


  • New item distribution system. Higher population areas have more loot, but also...
  • New zombie system manages hordes across the entire map, that focus initially on heavy populated centres.
  • Weather and temperature. Survive the winter with fires and warm clothes, or risk sun-stroke in the heat of summer.
  • Farm food, if you think you'll survive long enough to harvest the crops! (using the seasons system).
  • Longer days.
  • Reintroduced fire and rain.
  • Music re-introduced.
  • Changed endurance system to be less annoying and feel more fluid.
  • Tweaked zombie grabs and endurance effects.
  • New carpentry system.
  • New crafting system.

Bug fixes

  • Lots of bug fixes.

Bugs added

  • Crash on death