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Isometric view of Riverside
"Pride of the Mighty Ohio"
United States of America
Map location
A colorful town tightly hugging the banks of the mighty Ohio: exploring Riverside is a rich and diverse experience! To the west you'll find the older parts of town, while out east is where our wealthier residents work, rest and play. In fact, if you're considering a stay with us, why not check out the nearby Knox Heights Country Club? The ultimate in comfort and relaxation: members have access to an 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool and spa. Come join today!
— In-game description

Riverside is a small town in Knox Country, situated on the Ohio River. The town was home to many of the wealthy citizens of Knox Country, with the less fortunate residents living in Scenic Grove Mobile Park, situated on the outskirts. There are also a few small neighborhoods on the outskirts as well. Loot is abundant, with the only major deficiency being firearms.


Riverside is available as a starting location and is situated next to the Ohio River, making it a great area for players who want an adequate water supply and/or fish regularly. Some points of interest in Riverside include a small police station, a hotel, a school, a hardware store, a large gated community, and various other businesses. It is the westernmost town on the map. Getting to West Point from Riverside is easy, simply follow the road east along the river. Other towns such as Rosewood can be quite a drive away.


Riverside can be divided into two separate districts, the suburbs and the business district.


The suburbs occupy most of the southern area of the town, along with the large Gated community, which takes up most of the eastern side. The houses in the suburbs are middle-class, one story homes. These houses are often the main source of firearms in the town, as the police station is the smallest in Knox Country. The school is located centrally, both in the suburbs and the entire town as well, making it an attractive location to establish a safe house. There is also a GigaMart close by that is capable of sustaining multiple players for at least a week with the food and drinks found inside.

The gated community that occupies most of the eastern side is a treasure trove of loot with not too many zombies to deal with. The large number of houses here make it the best possible location to find rare vehicles, such as the Mercia Lang 4000, Chevalier Cossette, and Franklin All-Terrain, and every house has a garage, which means repair supplies and gasoline is abundant.

In total, there are 70 houses outside the gated community, and 34 houses inside the gated community.

Business district

The business district occupies the northern side of the town, and is where the most valuable loot is located. Some of the most valuable areas to loot here are the Nails & Nuts Tool Store, the Liquorty-Split, the Pharmahug, the Enigma Books, and the Time 4 Sport, among several others. Almost every store is located along one stretch of road. The entire district is also on the coast of the Ohio River, which allows for easy access to fishing. All this, in addition to the low zombie density compared to other towns, makes Riverside the easiest to both loot for supplies and survive in the long term.


The outskirts of town also harbor large amounts of loot, especially within the factory and self storage units to the southwest. South of these locations is the West Maple Country Club, which has a significant zombie population with many open areas to fight in, making it an excellent place to train combat skills. While travelling west, players may find a large fenced off area with a radio relay station in the center.

The westernmost part of the outskirts hosts a small business area with Gas, General Store and Beef Roundup.

Abandoned town

Main article: Abandoned town

Abandoned town (also known as a Tanglewood) is located within the west outskirts of the Riverside. It mainly contains abandoned buildings, with only one house that is seemingly still in use. Among notable ones are C.G.E. Corp factory and strip mall that can be used as a safehouse. It's assumed that the closure of the factory led to the population leaving. There are little to no zombies in the area, though there isn't that much loot either.


  • Riverside is the second lowest zombie population starting town, with only Rosewood having less. Riverside also tends to have significantly more loot than Rosewood. As a result, this town is ideal to start in for new players or those seeking a more relaxed experience..
  • It's often considered a bad idea to spawn in Riverside with a firearms-focused character, as the town is lacking reliable gun spawns.
  • It is possible to also spawn in Scenic Grove Mobile Park if Riverside is chosen as your spawn location. It is only a short drive from town.
  • The helicopter event can be deceptively deadly in Riverside. While there aren't as many zombies in town compared to other towns, the town is small enough for the helicopter to be heard by nearly every zombie in town, especially if the player is centrally located when it spots them. It might be a good idea to skip town in a vehicle if the chopper catches the player unprepared.


Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Church Religious building 6556x5308
Public restroom Restroom 3677x5763
Police station Police station 6079x5267
U.S. Mail Service Postal office 6315x5265
Cemetery Graveyard 5710x5334
School Public school 6443x5441

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Enigma Books Book store 6429x5265
Saucy Clothing store 6397x5266
GigaMart Supermarket 6515x5350
Go Flash Photography store 6191x5346
Hit Vids! Video rental store 6208x5344
Liquorty-Split Liquor store 6189x5368
Hair O Genesis Hairdresser 6411x5266
Nourish Food Mart Grocery store 6265x5264
Grocery stall Grocery stall 7390x5910
Palm Travel Travel agency 6421x5265
Seat Yourself Furniture Furniture store 6241x5267
Sheba Jewellers Jewelry store 6473x5266
Hugo Plush Clothing store 6257x5268
Time 4 Sport Sports store 6259x5266
Lola Limon Clothing store 6505x5266
Spitfire Fashion Clothing store 6360x5311
Nails & Nuts Tool Store Hardware store 6359x5327
Food market Grocery store 5970x5390
Coin Op Laundromat Laundromat 6413x5333
Laundromat Laundromat 5952x5388
General store General store 5970x5356
General Store General store 3676x5742
Strip mall Strip mall 6450x5298
Back To The Nurture Chiropractic Services Chiropractic office 6190x5355
Clothing store Clothing store 6358x5298
Grocery store Grocery store 6343x5296
Morris' Bait Shop Fishing store 5916x5243
Bait & Tackle Fishing store 3628x5720
Fossoil Gas station 6078x5305
Gas N More Gas station 5429x5870
Gas Gas station 3652x5963
Slimtax Accounting Accounting office 6359x5318
Knox Bank Bank 6504x5301


Business Type Coordinates
Al's Auto Shop Car repair shop 5436x5950
Wrecking yard Salvage yard 5839x5391
U-Store It Self storage 5540x6055
Lectromax Manufacturing Factory 5568x5914
C.G.E. Corp Abandoned Factory 5568x5914

Restaurant & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
West Maple Country Club Country club 5772x6416
Dotty 4 Donuts Donut shop 6491x5223
Burgers Restaurant/cafe 5961x5260
Beef Roundup Restaurant/cafe 3650x5716
Mama McFudgington's Bakery 6483x5266
Sweet Pea Restaurant Restaurant 6192x5341
Pile o' Crepe Restaurant 6396x5303
Spiffo's Fast food 6128x5309
Jimmy's Restaurant 6445x5265
Riparian Entertainment Bar/restaurant 6380x5206
Bar Bar 5964x5416
Churns-R-Us Ice cream parlor 6472x5217
Diner Diner 5425x5907


Business Type Coordinates
Riverside Suites Hotel 6365x5255
Riverwood Boat Club Social center 6560x5215


Business Type Coordinates
Pharmahug Pharmacy 6468x5266


Business Type Coordinates
Gated community Gated community 6695x5418
Abandoned town Abandoned town 4048x6154
Scenic Grove Mobile Park Trailer park 5350x6020
Radio relay station Radio relay station 4843x6280


  • Riverside's approximate real-world location is at the Monument Chemical Plant in Brandenburg, KY.
  • Riverside has a baseball team called the Riverside Rangers. There are various articles of clothing with the team's theme as well.


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