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Rope is an item used in crafting.


Rope is used to craft a lamp on pillar and log wall.

It can also be used as a means of transporting logs. Using two ropes, the player can stack two to four logs to reduce the carry weight by two-thirds. Unstacking the logs will return the ropes to the player.


Product Ingredients Tools Requirements Workstation XP
Log Stack
One of:
Rope.png Rope ×2
Sheet Rope.png Sheet Rope ×2
Each of:
Logs.png Log ×2
none none none none
Log Stack
One of:
Rope.png Rope ×2
Sheet Rope.png Sheet Rope ×2
Each of:
Logs.png Log ×3
none none none none
Log Stack
One of:
Rope.png Rope ×2
Sheet Rope.png Sheet Rope ×2
Each of:
Logs.png Log ×4
none none none none
LamponPillar Carpentry.png
Lamp on Pillar
Plank.png Plank ×2
Nails.png Nails ×4
Rope.png Rope ×1
Flashlight.png Flashlight ×1

Hammer (tag)
Carpentry 4 none 1.25 Carpentry
LogWall Carpentry.png
Log Wall
One of:
Ripped Sheets.png Ripped Sheets ×4
Twine.png Twine ×4
Rope.png Rope ×2
Each of:
Logs.png Log ×4

Hammer (tag)
none none 1.25 Carpentry


Rope is often found in hardware stores, warehouses, and sheds. The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

Rope distribution Show / Hide
Effective chance calculations are based off of default loot settings, and median zombie density. The higher the density of zombies in an area, the higher the effective chance of an item spawning. Chance is also influenced by the lucky and unlucky traits.
Building/Room Container Effective chance
Bag_InmateEscapedBag Duffel Bag 30.41%
Bag_ToolBag Duffel Bag 5.21%
SafehouseLoot crate 19.27%
SafehouseLoot metal_shelves 19.27%
ToolsCache1 Duffel Bag 23.28%
ToolsCache1 ToolsBox 23.28%
ToolsCache1 counter 23.28%
all crate 0.89%
all metal_shelves 3.51%
all toolcabinet 19.27%
armyhanger counter 19.27%
armyhanger metal_shelves 19.27%
armysurplus counter 23.28%
armysurplus counter 41.14%
armysurplus metal_shelves 23.28%
armysurplus metal_shelves 41.14%
armysurplus shelves 23.28%
armysurplus shelves 41.14%
camping counter 23.28%
camping counter 41.14%
camping shelves 23.28%
camping shelves 41.14%
campingstorage crate 23.28%
campingstorage crate 41.14%
closet crate 19.27%
closet metal_shelves 19.27%
construction crate 19.27%
drugshack counter 19.27%
drugshack crate 19.27%
factory crate 19.27%
factory metal_shelves 19.27%
farmstorage crate 19.27%
farmstorage metal_shelves 19.27%
firestorage metal_shelves 19.27%
fishingstorage counter 23.28%
fishingstorage counter 41.14%
fishingstorage crate 23.28%
fishingstorage crate 41.14%
fishingstorage metal_shelves 23.28%
fishingstorage metal_shelves 41.14%
fishingstorage shelves 23.28%
fishingstorage shelves 41.14%
garagestorage counter 19.27%
garagestorage crate 19.27%
garagestorage locker 19.27%
garagestorage metal_shelves 19.27%
generalstore metal_shelves 19.27%
generalstore shelves 19.27%
generalstorestorage metal_shelves 19.27%
generalstorestorage shelves 19.27%
gigamart shelves 19.27%
hunting counter 23.28%
hunting counter 41.14%
kitchen crate 19.27%
livingroom wardrobe 19.27%
loggingfactory crate 19.27%
loggingfactory metal_shelves 19.27%
pawnshop crate 23.28%
pawnshop crate 41.14%
pawnshop metal_shelves 23.28%
pawnshop metal_shelves 41.14%
pawnshop shelves 23.28%
pawnshop shelves 41.14%
shed counter 19.27%
shed crate 19.27%
shed locker 19.27%
shed metal_shelves 19.27%
storageunit crate 19.27%
storageunit metal_shelves 19.27%
toolstore counter 23.28%
toolstore shelves 23.28%
warehouse crate 19.27%
warehouse metal_shelves 19.27%
Type Container Effective chance
Fire Trunk 23.28%
McCoy Trunk 23.28%


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\newitems.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item Rope
        DisplayCategory = Material,
        Weight	=	0.3,
        Type	=	Normal,
        DisplayName	=	Rope,
        Icon	=	Rope,
        SurvivalGear = TRUE,
        WorldStaticModel = Rope,
        Tags    =   Rope,

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