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Rosewood thumb.png
In-game thumbnail
Type Town
Population Unknown
Established Unknown
Motto "Family, Community, Friendship"
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map8105x11578
Map location
“A short stay in Rosewood is pleasant, but a long stay? Well the inmates of the famous Knox Penitentiary will tell you: that it's not so fun!

Ideally situated geographically for ease of access, Rosewood is a community hub for administration and community services as well as a leading incarceration center. The county courthouse, a recently refurbished fire department and a lively law enforcement facility make this one of the most important towns in the area! Come visit today!”

— In-game description

Rosewood is a town in Knox Country. The town was home to many of the wealthy citizens of Knox Country. In contrast to some of the other in-game towns, such as Muldraugh or Fallas Lake, it does not appear to have a real-world counterpart. It's located in the southwest area of the map.

Rosewood has the lowest zombie population for any of the spawn towns, making it an ideal town to start in for new players. Some points of interest in Rosewood are the Rosewood Fire Department, a large police station, a small clinic, a supermarket, as well as the county courthouse. Rosewood also features a sizeable residential area, making it a great place to set up a base.

Zombies are more concentrated in downtown Rosewood, with few zombies in the residential areas. A school located in the eastern part of town can be a great location to visit when a player spawns in, with a small health room, books, and a good chance to find a backpack. The police and fire station are located next to each other in the western part of Rosewood. They have a lower number of zombies compared to downtown, and usually contain high tier weapons such as Axes, as well as the police station having a large number of lockers that spawn good gear.

In a twist of irony, just a short drive away from Rosewood to its northwest is the Kentucky State Prison, one of the most dangerous locations in the game with a insanely high zombie population. Players will have to fight hundreds of zombies if they choose to take it on. The prison has a decently stocked armory on the second floor, though this is usually not worth the resources that would need to be expended to clear it. Another tactic would be to use a police car (commonly found at the Rosewood police station), activate its sirens to lure all the zombies out of the prison, and then sneak inside.

Businesses and landmarks

Many stores and restaurants in Rosewood are in dual-use buildings, with apartments above the stores. These apartments are not be listed separately here.

Food & drink

Business Type Coordinates
Bright Flag Inn Restaurant/Bar 8017x11427
Jenny's Table Restaurant/Bar 8078x11454
Mama McFudgington's Restaurant 8082x11616
Pizza Whirled Fast Food 8074x11308
Spiffo's Fast Food 8069x11343
Rosewood Country Buffet Restaurant 8086x11500

Retail & stores

Business Type Coordinates
Book Naked Book store 8082x11506
Auto Shop Car repair 8154x11321
Palm Travel Travel agency 8082x11561
Zippee Market Supermarket 8105x11578
GigaMart Supermarket 8142x11386
FashionaBelle Clothing store 8089x11490
Farmer's Market (Rosewood) Groceries & Farming supplies 9071x12154


Business Type Coordinates
Bright Flag Inn Restaurant/Bar 8017x11427
Econo Rooms Hotel 8074x11416


Business Type Coordinates
Bail Bonds Law Firm 7992x11449
Rosewood Medical Medical 8091x11524
Kentucky Court of Justice Courthouse 8065x11652
Church Religious building 8123x11550
Rosewood Fire Department Fire Department 8134x11735
Laundromat Laundry machines 8135x11506
Knox Bank Bank 8081x11588
Marple & Christie Legal Services Law Firm 8090x11537
Markson & Co. Law firm 8089x11600
Police Station Police station 8063x11737
Elementary School (Rosewood) Public school 8342x11610
Haircuts n' More Hairdresser 8090x11552


Business Type Coordinates
Fossoil Gas station 8312x12218
Gas 2 Go Gas station 8153x11263
Bus Station (Rosewood) Bus station 8242x12231


Business Type Coordinates
Gated Community Contained settlement 8023x11526
Construction Site Under construction 8232x11842
Kentucky State Prison Prison 7718x11881
Military Research Facility Secret lab 5687x12472
Onyx Drive-In Theater Movie Theater 8425x12246
Warehouses Farming storage 9170x11846
Army barracks (Rosewood) Barracks 9115x11811

Spawn locations

The starting locations dependent on the player's chosen occupation. Any occupations not mentioned will default to unemployed starting locations.

Building Coordinates Ocupation(s)
256x143px Rosewood Police Station.png
Rosewood Police Station
8059x11733 Unemployed
Fire Officer
Park Ranger
256x143px One Story House (A) Rosewood.png
Single story house with a doghouse
8328x11815 Unemployed
Fire Officer
Park Ranger
256x143px One Story House (B) Rosewood.png
Single story house across from the school
8418x11682 Unemployed
Fire Officer
Park Ranger
256x143px One Story House (C) Rosewood.png
Single story house with a shed
8247x11671 Unemployed
Fire Officer
Park Ranger
256x143px Two Story House (A) Rosewood.png
Two story house in the middle of the block
8204x11598 Unemployed
Fire Officer
Park Ranger
356c143px Two Story House (B) Rosewood.png
The leftmost house in the gated community
8003x11547 Fire Officer
256x143px Two Story House (B) Rosewood.png
A two story house in the north of the block
8127x11618 Doctor
256x143px Garden House Rosewood.png
The garden house
8341x11748 Park Ranger
256x143px Forest House Rosewood.png
The leftmost house in the woods
8448x11802 Park Ranger
256x143px Rosewood Country Buffet.png
Rosewood Country Buffet
8092x11501 Chef
256x143px Rosewood Fire Department.png
Rosewood Fire Department
8137x11737 Fire Officer


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