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Project ZomboidItemsBaggageSack

SandbagEmpty Model.png
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Full encumbrance
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Run speed
99% (disabled)
Item ID

A sack, previously called an empty sand bag, is a container item.



A sack has poor capacity and weight reduction, and is exceeded by the much more common garbage bag. Unlike the other baggage items, a sack cannot be found with items spawned inside, but its filled variants (excluding the compost bag) can be found throughout the world.

Filling with terrain

If the player has a spade shovel, a sack can be filled with dirt, sand, or gravel. To do so, right-click a patch of grass/dirt, sand, or gravel, and select "Take some [Material]". One sack can be filled with 4 tiles of material, and will be turned into the respective material bag.

Any bag can be emptied onto a tile, changing it to the contained material. Once the bag is emptied, the sack will be returned to the player.

Right-clicking on a full composter while the sack is in the player's hand will display the option to "take compost", upon which the sack will be replaced with a compost bag.

Filling with food

Several foods can be stored in a sack and converted into an item with a unique name and a carry weight of 2.0: regardless of contents. This is similar to making a box of nails in that it combines the items; However, unlike the box of nails it does require the sack container.

In some cases, the items would weight less unpacked (ex, Cabbage) while in others it would be more beneficial to sack them (ex, Cherries).

Food within the sack still has a spoilage rating and will still rot, but the entire container can be placed into a freezer and will be preserved like any other food. The only advantage to doing so is that combining the items into their sack form will set the spoil rate of all items to the same (appears to be an average of, further testing required).

Sack of 'x'
Food Encumbrance
in sack form
Capacity Loose encumbrance
Apple 2.0 12 2.4
Bell Pepper 2.0 12 2.4
Broccoli 2.0 12 2.4
Cabbage 2.0 8 1.6
Carrots 2.0 12 2.4
Cherry 2.0 16 4.8
Corn 2.0 12 2.4
Eggplant 2.0 12 2.4
Grapes 2.0 12 2.4
Leek 2.0 12 2.4
Lettuce 2.0 8 1.6
Onion 2.0 12 2.4
Peach 2.0 12 2.4
Pear 2.0 12 2.4
Potato 2.0 12 2.4
Radish 2.0 12 1.2
Strawberries 2.0 16 1.6
Tomato 2.0 12 2.4


The loot distributions can be found in the table(s) below.

Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
farmstorage crate 4 2
toolstore counter 4 2


Profession Container Rolls Chance
Construction Worker Trunk 5 2


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\items.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item EmptySandbag
  DisplayCategory      = Container,
  Weight               = 0.1,
  Type                 = Container,
  WeightReduction      = 10,
  Capacity             = 15,
  DisplayName          = Sack,
  Icon                 = SandbagEmpty,
  RunSpeedModifier     = 0.99,
  ReplaceInSecondHand  = Bag_Sandbag_LHand holdingbagleft,
  ReplaceInPrimaryHand = Bag_Sandbag_RHand holdingbagright,
  WorldStaticModel     = SandBag_Ground,
  Tooltip              = Tooltip_item_empty_sack_container,
  Tags                 = HoldDirt,

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