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Category Container
Heavy Load
Body location One-handed
Capacity 15
Weight reduction 10%
Technical details
Base ID Base.EmptySandbag

A sack, previously called an empty sand bag, is a container item.



A sack has poor capacity and weight reduction, and is exceeded by the much more common garbage bag. Unlike the other baggage items, a sack cannot be found with items spawned inside, but its filled variants (excluding the compost bag) can be found throughout the world.

Filling with terrain

If the player has a spade shovel, a sack can be filled with dirt, sand, or gravel. To do so, right-click a patch of grass/dirt, sand, or gravel, and select "Take some [Material]". One sack can be filled with 4 tiles of material, and will be turned into the respective material bag.

Any bag can be emptied onto a tile, changing it to the contained material. Once the bag is emptied, the sack will be returned to the player.

Right-clicking on a full composter while the sack is in the player's hand will display the option to "take compost", upon which the sack will be replaced with a compost bag.



Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Crate 1 2.5
Farm Storage All 3 3
Fishing Storage Crate 10 1
Garage Storage All 2 2
Grocery Counter 4 4
Grocery Storage Other 3 3
Logging Factory Crate 1 2.5
Shed Counter 1 3
Storage Unit All 3 2
Tool Store Shelves 5 2


Profession Container Rolls Chance
Construction Worker Trunk 5 2


From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.6
	item EmptySandbag
		Weight		= 0.1,
		Type		= Container,
		WeightReduction	= 10,
		Capacity	= 15,
		DisplayName	= Sack,
		Icon		= SandbagEmpty,

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