Sawn Off Shotgun

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Sawn Off Shotgun
Sawed Off.png
Weight: 2.5
Weapon Type: Ranged
Ammunition: Items
Hands: Two-handed
Damage: Min - 1.5
Max - 2
Max Condition: 10
Degrade Chance: 1 in 50 (2%)
Item ID:

A Shotgun with a sawed-off (shortened) barrel. Like the regular Shotgun, the Sawed-Off Shotgun is noisy, and will attract zombies towards the player. The Sawed-Off Shotgun uses the same ammunition as a standard Shotgun (shotgun shells), but the sawed-off barrel creates a larger cone of fire, thus drastically increasing the immediate spread of a fired shotgun shell at the expense of ranged accuracy. As a result, it is capable of easily taking out clumped up zombies close to the Player, but is not recommend for use against single targets or targets at range. As with the standard Shotgun, its noise makes it into a last-ditch weapon, as it can quickly draw a horde of zombies to your location. A Sawed-Off Shotgun also has the benefit of reduced weight (2.5 from 3.0).


The sawed off shotgun can hold up to 6 shells before having to reload.



1) Wider angle of fire, so it can quickly kill a large group of zombies close-up, giving you time and space to escape.

2) It weighs far less than the standard shotgun.


1) Causes less damage to a single target than the standard Shotgun.

2) A sawn-off shotgun is less durable than the regular shotgun.

3) Has a considerably shorter (25% less) range than the regular Shotgun.

4) Has a much larger sound radius to be heard by zombies than a Shotgun.


Name Recipe Description
Sawn Off Shotgun x1
SmallShotgun.png + SmallSaw.png
Shotgun x1 Saw x1
Sawed-off shotgun has a greater damage area than that of the standard shotgun. Level 0


item ShotgunSawnoff
	AmmoType	=	ShotgunShells,
		ImpactSound	=	null,
		MaxRange	=	6,
		RangeFalloff	=	TRUE,
		WeaponSprite	=	ShotgunSawn,
		SoundVolume	=	250,
		MinAngle	=	0.9,
		Type	=	Weapon,
		MinimumSwingTime	=	2,
		ToHitModifier	=	2.5,
		NPCSoundBoost	=	1.5,
		KnockBackOnNoDeath	=	TRUE,
		Ranged	=	TRUE,
		SwingAmountBeforeImpact	=	0,
		ProjectileCount	=	6,
		ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	=	50,
		Weight	=	2.5,
		SplatNumber	=	5,
		PushBackMod	=	0.9,
		MaxDamage	=	2,
		SubCategory	=	Firearm,
		ConditionMax	=	10,
		ShareDamage	=	FALSE,
		MaxHitCount	=	6,
		IsAimedFirearm	=	TRUE,
		DoorDamage	=	20,
		IdleAnim	=	Idle_Weapon2,
		UseEndurance	=	FALSE,
		SwingAnim	=	Rifle,
		CriticalChance	=	20,
		WeaponWeight	=	2.5,
		DisplayName	=	Sawn Off Shotgun,
		MinRange	=	0.61,
		SwingTime	=	2,
		AngleFalloff	=	TRUE,
		MultipleHitConditionAffected	=	FALSE,
		SwingSound	=	shotgun,
		SoundRadius	=	250,
		MinDamage	=	1.5,
		KnockdownMod	=	0,
		SplatBloodOnNoDeath	=	TRUE,
		Icon	=	Shotgun,
		RunAnim	=	Run_Weapon2,

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