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The player is given a choice whether he wants to sleep or not. Sleeping can be dangerous in the post-apocalyptic world if done carelessly

Unlike zombies, the player and other survivors needs to sleep. When the survivor need to sleep, the sleep moodle will show up on the screen. To sleep the survivor needs to find a bed or a sofa or other chair. A player can also sleep in a tent.

Depending on how tired the survivor is (and the traits/profession of the survivor), the survivor requires between 6 to 12 hours of sleep per night. Taking sleeping tablets can increase the need to sleep and the duration of the sleep. If the survivor hasn't slept for a long time, the sleeping time will drastically increase depending on the severity of the exhaustion.

If there is no extreme situations (go sleep every day):

  • Survivor need to sleep ~9 hours a day.
  • ~6 hours a day if Wakefull trait selected.
  • ~12 hours a day if Sleepyhead trait selected.

Sleeping time can be extended by using sleeping tablets. Sleeping time can be reduced by using vitamins.

While sleeping, time will fast forward until the survivor wakes up. When a survivor does sleep, tiredness and any effects of sleeping tablets, beta blockers and anti-depressants will slowly disappear. Sleep will take away the survivor's panic.

Failing to sleep will cause the survivor's accuracy when using weapons to drop. In addition, the survivor's field of view decreases, as described by the moodle description's "decreased awareness".

Spatial awareness

During sleep, the character's vision is blocked out and he or she cannot see what is going on in the outside world. Only loud sounds can be heard by the character who sometimes fails to wake up to respond to the sound. The character can only wake up once something hurts the character or the character hears an exceptionally loud/disturbing sound. Having certain traits help make the character more spatially aware in sleep.

When indoors, sheets/curtains should be on and closed for all surrounding windows, which should be shut. All the doors leading to the outside should be closed to ensure a secure rest. When outdoors, the character should try to look for shelter. If there is no shelter and sleep is required, the character should set up a tent somewhere relatively safe, where the risk is low that a zombie will find the player.