Spare Engine Parts

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Spare Engine Parts
Spare Engine Parts
Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Repair engine
Required tool Wrench
Technical details
Base ID Base.EngineParts

Spare engine parts are an item used in vehicle mechanics.


Spare engine parts are used to repair a vehicle's engine. Repairing an engine requires a wrench and certain mechanics skill depending on the vehicle type: starting at level 4 for standard, level 5 for heavy-duty, and level 6 for sport. To repair an engine, right-click the engine icon and select "Repair Engine", this will use all spare engine parts accessible by the player until the condition reaches 100%. The amount of condition repaired per spare engine part is 1% per part at low level for standard vehicles, up to 4% at 10 mechanics. For sport and heavy-duty vehicles the amount is reduced, with a maximum of 3% at level 10 for heavy-duty.


Spare engine parts sparsely appear in the world within car repair shops, and can also be obtained by dismantling a vehicle's engine. However, this requires a mechanics level. A wrench is also needed and will set the engine condition to zero. The number of spare engine parts recovered is random, however is influenced by the player's mechanics level and condition of the engine. A rough estimate for max level mechanic is 0-2 parts for each 10% of engine condition


From vehiclesitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 41.49
    item EngineParts
	       Weight	=	0.4,
	       Type	=	Normal,
	       DisplayName	=	Spare Engine Parts,
	       Icon	=	EngineParts,
	       MetalValue = 30,
	       MechanicsItem = TRUE,

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