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Spiffo, the official mascot of The Indie Stone and Project Zomboid.
Born February 26
Nationality Canadian
Other names Spiffo the Community Raccoon
Known for Spiffo's
Project Zomboid
Website projectzomboid.com

PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the official mascot of Project Zomboid. For the in-game item, see Spiffo (item).

Spiffo is the overly adorable racoon that also acts as the Project Zomboid and The Indie Stone mascot. The creation of Marina Siu-Chong, Spiffo has had many alterations over the years. He is beloved, adorable and awesome.


Spiffo originates from one of Indie Stone's first game PAWS. Spiffo was created by and added by Marina Siu-Chong (AKA MashPotato.) PAWS was originally featuring all English creatures but Spiffo was added after they wanted "a Canadian character in there too". The raccoon was dubbed Mr Spiffo, a temporary name that soon became permanent.[2] You can even find some of the first artwork for Spiffo on Mashpotassium's blog here

When Project Zomboid came about Mr Spiffo was added as a mascot for the fast food restaurant chain "Spiffo's". He was also meant to be one easter egg of supposedly many that would appear in Project Zomboid from The Indie Stone's previous games. Around some point when Will Porter came onto The Indie Stone team he is said to have been in love with Spiffo. Eventually Spiffo became more prevalent on the forums and around the site as a result. Spiffo became more popular on the website with many sections and icons for the site including a picture of Spiffo. In the forums Spiffo is the default avatar for new users, as well as being a part of the header.

Spiffo's very first appearance on the blog used the same version of Spiffo that was in PAWS. The blog post can be found: here

Spiffo was then later redesigned in the style of a fast food restaurant mascot, as that was what he was originally supposed to be advertising. The color design of Spiffo remains the same, but is possibly a little fatter with a side cap. It's interesting to note that in the blog post he is referred to as the "Community Racoon" rather than the mascot for Spiffo's. A hint of just how integrated he would become with the community perhaps?[3]

On the 24th of October 2012 Spiffo's redesign made its first appearance on the blog. While he did remain a racoon, his color scheme changed from his grey and white into an orange, brown and white colourisation. This can also be seen as Spiffo's transformation from the mascot of Spiffo's fast food, into the mascot for Project Zomboid and The Indie Stone. This is mainly attributed to the fact the Spiffo no longer wears his Spiffo's side cap and is wearing a survivalist type attire and look.

After this time, Spiffo became more incorporated around the website. A picture of him can even be seen when redirected to a 404 page. It should also be noted that at some point during development Spiffo became a part of the games tutorial. With images and catchy slogans being shown to help guide you.

Spiffo can also be found as an item in game that can be collected; it has no known use except to serve as an Easter Egg.

Spiffo Iterations