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Studio is a challenge map that was added in build 41. It is a 'Hollywood Film Studio', with which has unfortunately succumbed to the Knox Event infection. It takes inspiration from Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers Studio in its design. It features a premier theater, high-end restaurant and bar, a fitness center, and comedy club to name a few going down the luxury footpath road. Xeonyx, the creator of the New Denver / Slocan Lake map is responsible for the creation of this map.

In-game challenge description

Where all the best movies are filmed!


General scenario description

The challenge will start at midnight as opposed to the morning. Zombie behavior has been altered for this challenge. They will move much slower when pursuing a player at night, but will run at full sprint when pursuing a player during the day. They can prove challenging to get away from in the day, as they will match an average player's sprint speed.

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