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Survivor stories

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The House Party story, showing the disastrous aftermath of someone's birthday

Survivor stories are a type of building stories one can encounter in the game world, as a form of environmental storytelling.


A bleach poisoning as seen in Suicide by Bleach

Survivor stories are building stories that only spawn inside of residential houses across Knox Country. Within these homes, these stories can have a choice of spawning either in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Not all houses can accommodate all survivor stories, as some have size and room type constraints. However, some survivor stories can spawn in practically any house, such as House Party.

Survivor stories usually consist of zombies, corpses, and some corresponding loot. The types of zombies, corpses, and loot spawned depend on the specific story; Football Night spawns zombies wearing sports clothing along with chips and beer, while House Party spawns zombies with party hats along with cupcakes and cake slices.

List of survivor stories

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