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Tailoring is a skill in Project Zomboid that is used to repair and fortify clothes to increase their protection against scratches, bites and bullets.

|Tailoring Menu.png
Ingame Tailoring Screen of overalls, with some ripped sheet patches and multiple holes."

Basic Requirements


The below equipment are required to start tailoring.

The suture needle cannot be used for Tailoring.


There are 3 types of fabrics currently in Project Zomboid. They are all obtainable through ripping clothes.

Icon Item Fabric Type Base defense (Scratch/Bite/Bullet) Rarity of clothing with this fabric
Rag.png Ripped Sheets Cotton - / +1% / - Very common
DenimStrips.png Denim Strips Denim +1% / +1% / +1% Common
LeatherStrips.png Leather Strips Leather +1% / +2% / +1% Uncommon


To start tailoring, right-click a clothing and right-click Inspect to display the condition of the clothing. Holes can be patched and paddings can be added by right-clicking the corresponding body part.

  • Some items like shoes and bulletproof vests cannot be repaired.
  • Adding padding will increase the defense of a clothing item.
  • Simply patching a hole will not fully restore its condition.
  • Denim or leather padding gives more tailoring exp than ripped sheet padding.

Tailoring Level

To maximize XP gain, you should read the Tailoring books first.

Getting XP is quite easy. To earn XP, you may:

  • Rip clothes (0.25XP is awarded only when you get a thread).
  • Add padding to or patch any holes of a clothing item.
    • If you want to train Tailoring by doing this, it's best to use ripped sheets instead of leather or denim strips to avoid wasting the stronger fabrics. Ripped sheets are also very common, making them perfect for training.
    • If you find the limiting factor is a lack of thread, rip up spare clothing from clothing stores to get a small amount.

The XP gains for adding and removing padding and patches are as follows:

  • Adding: 50/50 split of 0.25 and 0.5 XP
  • Removing: 1 XP if the patch is gotten back, 0.25 XP otherwise


The player is provided with some benefits as they increase their Tailoring skill level:

Icon Item Level 0 Bite/Scratch/Bullet (Defence) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rag.png Ripped Sheets 1% 1% 1% 1% 2% 2% 3% 3% 4% 4% 5%
DenimStrips.png Denim Strips 1%/1%/1% 1%/1%/1% 1%/2%/1% 2%/3%/2% 2%/4%/2% 2%/5%/2% 3%/6%/3% 3%/7%/3% 4%/8%/4% 4%/9%/4% 5%/10%/5%
LeatherStrips.png Leather Strips 1%/2%/1% 1%/2%/1% 2%/4%/2% 3%/6%/3% 4%/8%/4% 5%/10%/5% 6%/12%/6% 7%/14%/7% 8%/16%/8% 9%/18%/9% 10%/20%/10%
  • The chances of getting thread from ripped clothes will also increase as the player levels up their Tailoring skill.
  • The chance of getting a padding or patch back upon removing it starts at 10% at 0 Tailoring and increases by 5% per level up to 60% at 10 Tailoring.
  • At level 8 Tailoring, you will be able to repair holes completely with the right kind of fabric, restoring the clothes' original defense, condition and insulation. However, clothing items that can't be repaired like firefighter pants or military boots will still not be repairable.

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