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Tailoring is a skill in Project Zomboid that is used to repair and fortify clothing.

To start tailoring, the player must have a needle, thread and fabric - which can be either ripped sheets, denim strips or leather strips.

Right-click and item of clothing and Inspect, to display the condition of the clothing. Holes can be patched, by right-clicking the corresponding bodypart, or add padding.

Currently, there are three different fabrics the player is able to use, all with varying effectiveness for padding and patching.

1.) Ripped Sheets - Provide a defence value of 1% scratch defence for every 2 levels of tailoring, totalling 5% scratch protection at level 10 tailoring.

2.) Denim Strips - Improvement over the Sheets, and easier to come by, they provide a 1% bite defence every 2 levels of tailoring, and 2% scratch defence for every two levels of tailoring, totalling 5% bite Defence and 10% scratch Defence.

3.) Leather Strips - Hardest to come by, providing 2% bite defence, and 4% scratch defence for every 2 levels of tailoring, totalling 10% bite defence and 20% scratch defence at level 10.


Icon Item Fabric Type
Rag.png Ripped Sheets Cotton
DenimStrips.png Denim Strips Denim
LeatherStrips.png Leather Strips Leather