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Spiffo 2.0 Plushie

A limited edition of Spiffo 2.0 plushie is live to order until July 30, 2024 on Makeship now, as a part of TimeWarp 2024 event – a recreation of the original Spiffo plushie with a 2nd ed stamp and bonus stickers!

Makeship Spiffo 2.0 Plush.webp

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If the list grows I will be alphabetizing it so don't be too concerned about who is on the top of the list. Pianoman 01:29, 21 May 2012 (BST)

Useful map tool

I found this map website that shows item density zones and locations on a map and I want it added to the list, but I don't understand the code side of things so I was wondering if one of you guys would want to add it.

the link is and I think it would make a good addition.