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Salad is crafted by right-clicking on an empty bowl. Salad can accept a maximum of 6 ingredients, as well as spices. It does not require cooking (though some ingredients might) and is a lighter encumbrance alternative to other recipes. However, salad will spoil faster than other recipes.

Starting Item

Empty Bowl Bowl.png


Name Icon Category Hunger Reduction
Apple Apple.png Fruits & Vegetables 8
Avocado Avocado.png Fruits & Vegetables 15
Bacon Strips (Cooked) TZ BaconRashersCooked.png Meat 3
Baguette Baguette.png Miscellaneous 5
Beef Jerky BeefJerky.png Meat 5
Bell Pepper BellPepper.png Fruits & Vegetables 4
Boiled Egg EggBoiled.png Miscellaneous 10
Bread Slices BreadSlices.png Miscellaneous 5
Bowl of Beans BowlFull.png Miscellaneous 8
Bread Bread.png Miscellaneous 5
Broccoli Broccoli.png Fruits & Vegetables 9
Cabbage Cabbage.png Fruits & Vegetables 12
Canned Beans Beans.png Canned Goods 8
Canned Carrots CannedCarrots.png Canned Goods 6
Canned Corn CannedCorn.png Canned Goods 15
Canned Corned Beef CannedCornedBeef.png Canned Goods 12
Canned Mushroom Soup CannedMushroomSoup.png Canned Goods 10
Canned Potato CannedPotato.png Canned Goods 9
Canned Tomato CannedTomato.png Canned Goods 6
Carrots Carrots.png Fruits & Vegetables 4
Cheese Cheese.png Miscellaneous 10
Chicken (Cooked) ChickenCooked.png Meat 6
Chicken Nuggets ChickenNuggets.png Meat 5
Corn Corn.png Fruits & Vegetables 7
Crayfish (Cooked) Crayfish Cooked.png Meat 10
Daikon Daikon.png Fruits & Vegetables 4
Dandelions Dandelions.png Fruits & Vegetables 5
Eggplant Eggplant.png Fruits & Vegetables 8
Fish Fillet (Cooked) FishFilletCooked.png Meat 10
Fried Chicken ChickenFried.png Meat 15
Fried Fish FishFried.png Meat 10
Fried Onion Rings OnionRings.png Miscellaneous 5
Fried Oysters OystersFried.png Meat 5
Fried Shrimp ShrimpFried.png Meat 15
Fried Tofu TofuFried.png Miscellaneous 15
Frog Meat (Cooked) FrogmeatCooked.png Meat 10
Grapefruit Grapefruit.png Fruits & Vegetables 10
Grapes Grapes.png Fruits & Vegetables 5
Grape Leaves GrapeLeaves.png Fruits & Vegetables 3
Ham Slice HamSlices.png Meat 10
Leek Leek.png Fruits & Vegetables 6
Lettuce Lettuce.png Fruits & Vegetables 5
Lobster (Cooked) LobsterCooked.png Meat 5
Mushrooms MushroomAnima.gif Fruits & Vegetables 12 - 15
Mutton Chop (Cooked) MuttonCooked.png Meat 10
Omelette EggOmelette.png Miscellaneous 20
Onion Slices Rings.png Fruits & Vegetables 5
Orange Orange.png Fruits & Vegetables 6
Oysters (Cooked) OystersCooked.png Meat 5
Peanuts Peanut.png Miscellaneous 4
Pear Pear.png Fruits & Vegetables 8
Peas Peas.png Fruits & Vegetables 5
Pickles Pickles.png Miscellaneous 5
Poached Egg EggPoached.png Miscellaneous 10
Pork Chop (Cooked) PorkchopCooked.png Meat 10
Potato Potato.png Fruits & Vegetables 9
Rabbit Meat (Cooked) RabbitmeatCooked.png Meat 10
Radish Radish.png Fruits & Vegetables 2
Rodent Meat (Cooked) SmallanimalmeatCooked.png Meat 10
Salmon (Cooked) SalmonCooked.png Meat 10
Scrambled Eggs EggScrambled.png Miscellaneous 20
Shrimp (Cooked) ShrimpCooked.png Meat 10
Small Bird Meat (Cooked) SmallbirdmeatCooked.png Meat 10
Squid Calamari (Cooked) SquidCalimari.png Meat 10
Steak (Cooked) SteakCooked.png Meat 10
Strawberries BerryStraw.png Fruits & Vegetables 5
Tofu Tofu.png Miscellaneous 10
Tomato Tomato.png Fruits & Vegetables 6
Watermelon Chunks WatermelonSmashed.png Fruits & Vegetables 11
Watermelon Slice WatermelonSliced.png Fruits & Vegetables 5
Wild Eggs (Cooked) WildEggsCooked.png Miscellaneous 7
Zucchini Zucchini.png Fruits & Vegetables 10


Name Icon
Basil HerbBasil.png
Chives HerbChives.png
Cilantro HerbCilantro.png
Common Mallow CommonMallow.png
Fish Roe FishRoe.png
Ginger Pickled GingerPickled.png
Ginger Root RootGinger.png
Habanero PepperHabanero.png
Jalapeno PepperJalapeno.png
Mayonnaise TZ MayonnaiseFull.png
Mustard Mustard.png
Nettles Nettle.png
Olive Oil OilOlive.png
Oregano HerbOregano.png
Parsley HerbParsley.png
Pepper Pepper.png
Rice Vinegar RiceVinegar.png
Rose Hips Rosehips.png
Salt Salt.png
Soy Sauce Soysauce.png
Sunflower Seeds SunflowerSeeds.png
Thistles Thistle.png
Tomato Paste TomatoPaste.png
Vegetable Oil VegetableOil.png
Violets Violets.png
Wasabi Wasabi.png
Wild Garlic WildGarlic.png


Code icon.png Code snippet! This section contains source code from Project ZomboidShow / Hide

Source: ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\farming.txt

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16
item Salad
	    DisplayCategory = Food,
		Type 				= 		Food,
		DisplayName 		= 		Salad,
		Icon 				= 		TZ_CraftSalat,
		Weight 				= 		0.5,
		HungerChange 		= 		-60,
		BoredomChange 		= 		-5,
		ReplaceOnUse 		= 		Bowl,
		DaysFresh 			= 		2,
		DaysTotallyRotten 	= 		3,
		StaticModel			=		Bowl,
		EatType				=		2hand,
		WorldStaticModel = Salad_Ground,