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A simple template that displays the current version so articles can be updated on a single page (here) rather than updating each page individually. Depending on the variable, this template can display the current stable, unstable/IWBUMS, or test version.


Date updated

This is to identify the last time this template was updated.

{{Current version|date}}

Will display: 29/5/2022


Used to display the current stable build

{{Current version|stable}}

Will display: 41.71

{{Current version|date=stable}}

Will display: 20/5/2022


Used to display the current unstable build

{{Current version|unstable}} or {{Current version|UNSTABLE}} or {{Current version|iwbums}} or {{Current version|IWBUMS}}

Will display: 41.71

{{Current version|date=unstable}} or {{Current version|date=UNSTABLE}} or {{Current version|date=IWBUMS}} or {{Current version|date=iwbums}}

Will display: 12/5/2022


Used to display the current public test build

{{Current version|test}}

Will display: 41.64

{{Current version|date=test}}

Will display: 17/12/2021


The variables within this template can be updated easily.

Version Number

Replace the old version number with the new one:
| stable | Stable = [[Build 40|40.43]]

If it's a whole new build, replace the article name - this will provide a link to the relevant changelogs:
| stable | Stable = [[Build 40|40.43]]


Replace the old date with when the update was released:

| stable | Stable = 20/12/2018
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