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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Img item/icon.
It contains usage information and other content that is not part of the original template page.

{{Img item/icon}} is a subtemplate of {{Img item}}. This functions as an icon index for all items.

This template uses a switch, searching for a matching input string, returning an output string.


Although a subtemplate, this can function as a standalone template to lookup an icon for an item.

The input string should be the item's item ID (excluding the module) or the display name.

{{Img item/icon|item=Item ID <!-- or DisplayName -->}}

Adding to index

The index can be added to by:

  1. Click "Edit" (top-right)
  2. Copy the following snippet and paste in a new line, after the switch (top) and before the default (bottom): | ID| DisplayName = Output
  3. Replace: ID with the Item's ID (excluding the module), DisplayName with the Item's display name (as it appears in-game), and Output with the file you want to display (without the file extension e.g. PNG).
    1. Additional input strings can be added by placing a pipe | followed by the string after the last input string, but before the equals symbol =
      • Example: | LemonGrass| Lemongrass| Lemon Grass = Lemongrass
    2. Any additional input strings should be:
      • Previous item names, e.g. Whiskey Bottle or Bourbon
      • Alternate item names, i.e. name in script file may be different to in-game item name (this is contained in ItemName_EN.txt), e.g. Lemon Grass or Lemongrass
      • UK vs US spelling, e.g. Tire or Tyre
  4. Also add to {{Img item/name}} and {{Img_item/link}}


Type Produces Explanation
{{Img item/icon|item=ShotgunShellsBox}}
ShotgunAmmoBox Using the item ID
{{Img item/icon|item=Box of Shotgun Shells}}
ShotgunAmmoBox Using the display name