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Traits are modifiers, positive and negative, available to the player. Some traits can be chosen during character creation (indicated by a points value) and others may be given with their choice of occupation, also known as hobbies. Multiple presets can be made to save a combination of a profession and multiple other traits which makes it useful for players that want to quickly jump right into the apocalypse.

The character will not spawn until "Points to Spend" is higher than a negative number or equal to zero. This means that the player can start the game with only negative traits if they choose to do so, but if the player wants positive traits they will have to make some compromises.

Traits categorized as "Mutually Exclusive" cannot be taken simultaneously (e.g. Choosing "Deaf" cannot be taken with "Hard of Hearing" or "Keen Hearing" too).

Consider that occupations can manipulate the maximum amount of starting points a player can have. So a list of positive traits that an unemployed character is allowed may result in a point deficit for a character who is a veteran instead, requiring more negative traits.

Some traits can be gained or lost during gameplay, which will depend on the player's activities. Such as the "Overweight" trait, which can be gained if player reaches a weight above 85, or picked up during character creation and then lost by reaching a weight below 85. These traits can be seen at anytime by checking the "Info" panel, which is opened with the J key by default.

List of Traits


Icon Name Type Mutually Exclusive Points Description Effect
TraitAdrenalineJunkie.png Adrenaline Junkie Positive Desensitized -8 "Moves faster when highly panicked." +10% move speed when at maximum panic with no fractures or deep wounds
TraitAthletic.png Athletic Positive Fit, Out of Shape, Obese, Overweight, Unfit -10 "Can run faster and longer without tiring." +4 Fitness, +20% running speed, -60% endurance loss
TraitBrave.png Brave Positive Cowardly, Desensitized -4 "Less prone to becoming panicked." -70% chance of becoming Panicked
TraitCatsEyes.png Cat's Eyes Positive - -2 "Better vision at night." +20% better vision at night
TraitDextrous.png Dextrous Positive All Thumbs -2 "Transfers inventory items quickly." -50% item transfer time
TraitEagleEyed.png Eagle Eyed Positive Short Sighted -6 "Has a faster visibility fade and a higher visibility arc." Character has a wider field of view
TraitFastHealer.png Fast Healer Positive Slow Healer -6 "Recovers faster from injury and illness." +20% faster injury recover time
TraitFastLearner.png Fast Learner Positive Slow Learner -6 "Increases XP gains." +30% more experience
TraitFastReader.png Fast Reader Positive Illiterate, Slow Reader -2 "Takes less time to read books." +30% faster book reading time
TraitFit.png Fit Positive Athletic, Out of Shape, Obese, Overweight, Unfit -6 "In good physical shape." +2 Fitness. Does not affect running speed
TraitGraceful.png Graceful Positive Clumsy -4 "Makes less noise when moving." -60% noise, -10% zombie stagger/trip chance
TraitInconspicuous.png Inconspicuous Positive Conspicuous -4 "Less likely to be spotted by zombies." -50% chance to be spotted
TraitIronGut.png Iron Gut Positive Weak Stomach -3 "Less chance to have food illness." -50% chance of food illness
TraitKeenHearing.png Keen Hearing Positive Deaf, Hard of Hearing -6 "Larger perception radius." Doubles the radius of perception, Zombies that approach from behind will be visible much earlier.
TraitLightEater.png Light Eater Positive Hearty Appetite -4 "Needs to eat less regularly." -25% food consumption
TraitLowThirst.png Low Thirst Positive High Thirst -4 "Needs to drink water less regularly." -50% water consumption
TraitLucky.png Lucky Positive Unlucky -4 "Sometimes things just go your way." +10% chance of finding rare loot, does not affect chance to get infected
TraitOrganized.png Organized Positive Disorganized -6 "Increased container inventory capacity." +30% capacity for all containers, including boxes, cupboards and cars
TraitOutdoorsman.png Outdoorsman Positive - -2 "Not affected by harsh weather conditions." Character will not become ill by standing in the rain
TraitResilient.png Resilient Positive Prone to Illness -4 "Less prone to disease. Slower rate of zombification." -70% infection rate
Trait roadrage.png Speed Demon Positive Sunday driver -1 "The fast driver." +100% Gear switching speed, +15% Top speed for all vehicles
TraitStout.png Stout Positive Feeble, Strong, Weak -6 "Extra knockback from melee weapons and increased carry weight." +2 Strength, +25% damage with melee weapons
TraitStrong.png Strong Positive Feeble, Stout, Weak -10 "Extra knockback from melee weapons and increased carry weight." +4 Strength, +40% damage with melee weapons
TraitThickSkinned.png Thick Skinned Positive Thin Skinned -6 "Less chance of scratches and bites breaking the skin." 15% (-10%) chance of being scratched and 3.75% (-2.5%) chance of being bitten (if unarmed)
TraitWakeful.png Wakeful Positive Sleepyhead -2 "Needs less sleep." -30% sleep required


Icon Name Type Occupation Points Description Effect
TraitMechanic.png Amateur Mechanic Occupation Mechanic - "Familiar with the maintenance and repair of all vehicle models on the roads of Kentucky" +3 Mechanics, additional 125% XP gain & can repair all vehicle types without having to read any recipe magazines
TraitMechanic.png Amateur Mechanic Hobby - -5 "Has a detailed knowledge of common and heavy vehicle models and their repairs." +1 Mechanics, additional 75% XP gain & can repair standard and heavy-duty vehicles
TraitAngler.png Angler Hobby - -4 "Knows the basic of fishing." +1 Fishing & additional 75% XP gain
TraitAxeman.png Axe Man Occupation Lumberjack - "Better at chopping trees. Faster axe swing." Swings the axe faster.
TraitBaseballPlayer.png Baseball Player Hobby - -4 "Has practice with a baseball bat and knows how to hit with precision." +1 Blunt Accuracy & additional 75% XP gain
TraitBurglar.png Burglar Occupation Burglar - "Can hotwire vehicles, less chance of breaking the lock of a window." Can hotwire vehicles and has less chance of breaking the lock of a window when forcing open.
TraitBrawler.png Brawler Hobby - -6 "Used to getting into trouble." +1 Blunt accuracy, +1 Blade accuracy & additional 75% XP gain
TraitCook.png Cook Hobby - -6 "Knows cooking recipes." +2 Cooking, additional 100% XP gain
Knows all the cooking recipes without having to read any recipe magazines
TraitCook.png Cook Occupation Chef
Burger Flipper
- "Knows how to cook." No effect
TraitDesensitized.png Desensitized Occupation Veteran - "War.... War never changes." Immune to panic
TraitFirstAider.png First Aider Hobby - -4 "Has a CPR and First Aid course certificate." +1 First Aid
TraitFormerScout.png Former Scout Hobby - -6 "Knows how to pick wild berries and how to treat small injuries." +1 First Aid, +1 Foraging
TraitGardener.png Gardener Hobby - -4 "Has basic agriculture knowledge." +1 Farming
TraitGymnast.png Gymnast Hobby - -5 "Agile and discreet." +1 Lightfooted, +1 Nimble
TraitHandy.png Handy Hobby - -8 "Faster and stronger constructions." +1 Blunt, +1 Blade Maintenance, +1 Carpentry.
+100hp to all constructions
Increases building speed (~11%)
TraitHerbalist.png Herbalist Hobby/Occupation - -6 "Can find medicinal herbs and craft medicines and poultices from them." Gains the ability to find medicinal herbs, make poultices from them and identify poisonous berries and mushrooms
TraitHiker.png Hiker Hobby - -6 "Used to surviving in the jungle." +1 Foraging, +1 Trapping
TraitHunter.png Hunter Hobby - -8 "Know the basics of hunting." +1 Aiming, +1 Sneaking, +1 Trapping
TraitNightOwl.png Night Owl Occupation Security Guard - "Requires little sleep. Stays extra alert when sleeping" No effect
TraitNutritionist.png Nutritionist Hobby/Occupation Fitness Instructor -4 "Can see the nutritional values of any food." Allows the player to see the nutritional values of any food, even those that aren't packaged.
TraitRunner.png Runner Hobby - -4 "Runner in the spare times." +1 Sprinting
TraitSelfDefenseClass.png Self Defense Class Hobby - -6 "Self Defense class student." +1 Blunt, +1 Blade Guard
TraitTailor.png Sewer Hobby - -4 "+1 Tailoring" +1 Tailoring


Icon Name Type Mutually Exclusive Points Description Effect
TraitAgoraphobic.png Agoraphobic Negative Desensitized +4 "Gets panicked when outdoors" Enters in Panic when outdoors
TraitAllThumbs.png All Thumbs Negative Dextrous +2 "Transfers inventory items slowly" +400% item transfer time
TraitAsthmatic.png Asthmatic Negative - +5 "Faster endurance loss" 40% increase in running endurance loss. 30% increase in swing endurance lost.
TraitClaustrophobic.png Claustrophobic Negative Desensitized +4 "Gets panicked when indoors" Enters in Panic when indoor
TraitClumsy.png Clumsy Negative Graceful +2 "Makes more noise when moving" +60% Noise, +10% zombie stagger/trip chance
TraitConspicuous.png Conspicuous Negative Inconspicuous +4 "More likely to be spotted by zombies." +100% Chance of being spotted
TraitCowardly.png Cowardly Negative Brave, Desensitized +2 "Especially prone to becoming panicked" +100% chance of becoming Panicked
TraitDeaf.png Deaf Negative Hard of Hearing, Keen Hearing +12 "Smaller perception radius and hearing range" Can't hear sound. Radio chatter will not appear above the radio, however they can see/read a TV due to closed captions.
TraitDisorganized.png Disorganized Negative Organized +4 "Decreased container inventory capacity" -30% capacity for all containers. including boxes cupboards
TraitEmaciated.png Emaciated Negative - - "Low strength, low endurance and prone to injury" Is only present at weight 50 and less and will begin taking damage at weight 35.
TraitFeeble.png Feeble Negative Strong, Stout, Weak +6 "Less knockback from melee weapons. Decreased carrying weight." -2 Strength
TraitHardofHearing.png Hard of Hearing Negative Deaf, Keen Hearing +2 "Smaller perception radius. Smaller hearing range." Besides the decreased perception radius, the range of sound will be decreased and the sound-effects will be muffled
TraitHeartyAppetite.png Hearty Appetite Negative Light Eater +4 "Needs to eat more regularly" 150% food consumption.
TraitHemophobic.png Hemophobic Negative Desensitized +3 "Panic when performing first aid on self, cannot perform first aid on others, gets stressed when bloody" -
TraitHighThirst.png High Thirst Negative Low Thirst +6 "Needs more water to survive" 200% water consumption.
TraitHypochondriac.png Hypochondriac Negative - +2 "May develop infection symptoms without being infected." -
TraitIlliterate.png Illiterate Negative Fast Reader, Slow Reader +8 "Cannot read books" Unable to get a mood boost by reading leisure books, to learn new recipes by reading recipe magazines or getting an XP multiplier by reading skill books.
TraitOutofShape.png Out of Shape Negative Athletic, Fit, Unfit +6 "Low endurance, low endurance regeneration." -2 Fitness
TraitObese.png Obese Negative Athletic, Fit, Out of Shape, Overweight, Underweight, Very Underweight +10 "Reduced running speed, very low endurance and prone to injury." Starting weight is 105 and is only present at weight 100 and above. Only modifies fitness which modifies endurance indirectly. Reduces zombie stagger/trip chance by 10%
TraitOverweight.png Overweight Negative Athletic, Fit, Out of Shape, Obese, Underweight, Very Underweight +6 "Reduced running speed, low endurance and prone to injury." Starting weight is 90 and is only present between weights 85 and 100. . 1% slower running speed, double endurance loss. Reduces zombie stagger/trip chance by 5%
TraitPacifist.png Pacifist Negative - +4 "Less effective with weapons" - 25% lower XP with weapons
TraitHypochondriac.png Prone to Illness Negative Resilient +4 "More prone to disease. Faster rate of zombification." - 300% infection rate
TraitRestlessSleeper.png Restless Sleeper Negative - +6 "Slow loss of tiredness while sleeping" Sleeping through the night doesn't heal as much tiredness as normal.
TraitShortSighted.png Short Sighted Negative Eagle Eyed +2 "Small view distance. Slower visibility fade." -
TraitSleepyhead.png Sleepyhead Negative Wakeful +4 "Needs more sleep" 30% more sleep required
TraitSmoker.png Smoker Negative - +4 "Stress and unhappiness decrease after smoking tobacco. Unhappiness rises when tobacco is not smoked." Stress will constantly slowly rise. Smoking Cigarettes will lower the stress-level
TraitSlowHealer.png Slow Healer Negative Fast Healer +6 "Recovers slowly from injuries and illness" -
TraitSlowLearner.png Slow Learner Negative Fast Learner +6 "Decreased XP gains" Character gains 30% less experience
TraitSlowReader.png Slow Reader Negative Fast Reader +2 "Takes longer to read books" Read books 30% slower.
Trait sundaydriver.png Sunday driver Negative Speed Demon +1 "The very slow driver" Accelerates vehicles 40% slower. Has a max speed of 30 km/h.
TraitThinskinned.png Thin-skinned Negative Thick Skinned +6 "Carries heightened risk of infection" 35% (+10%) chance of being scratched and 8.75% (+2.5%) chance of being bitten (if unarmed).
TraitUnderweight.png Underweight Negative Obese, Overweight, Very Underweight +6 "Low strength, low endurance and prone to injury." Starting weight is 70 and is only present between weights 65 and 75. Increases zombie stagger/trip chance by 10%
TraitUnfit.png Unfit Negative Athletic, Fit, Out of Shape +10 "Very low endurance, very low endurance regeneration. " -4 Fitness
TraitUnlucky.png Unlucky Negative Lucky +4 "What could go wrong for you, often does." -10% chance of finding rare loot, +5% chance of failing repair, does not affect chance to get infected
TraitVeryUnderweight.png Very Underweight Negative Obese, Overweight, Underweight +10 "Very low strength, very low endurance and prone to injury." Starting weight is 60 and is only present between weights 50 and 65. Increases zombie stagger/trip chance by 20%
TraitWeak.png Weak Negative Feeble, Strong, Stout +10 "Less knockback from melee weapons. Decreased carrying weight." -5 Strength
TraitWeakStomach.png Weak Stomach Negative Iron Gut +3 "Higher chance to have food illness." +100% chance of food illness

Removed/Future Traits

Icon Name Type Mutually Exclusive Points Description Effect
TraitBlacksmith.png Blacksmith Hobby Blacksmith ? "Use an anvil to create metal items" -
TraitBrooding.png Brooding Negative - +2 "Recovers slower from bad moods" -
TraitPatient.png Patient Positive Short Tempered -4 "Less like to get angry" -
TraitShortTempered.png Short Tempered Negative Short Tempered +4 "Quick to anger" -
TraitLightDrinker.png Light Drinker Negative Hardened Drinker +2 "Gets drunk quickly" -
TraitHardenedDrinker.png Hardened Drinker Positive Light Drinker -3 "Doesn't get drunk easily" -
TraitCrackShot.png Marksman Hobby Police Officer ? "Improved gun accuracy. Quicker reload." -
TraitTalkative.png Gift Of The Gab Positive - ? "Extra high charisma. Better chance of currying favour from NPCs" -

Adaptive traits

Some traits can be changed during gameplay.

Strength traits

Negative traits Feeble and Weak can be removed by leveling up Strength.
Positive traits Stout and Strong can be gained by leveling up Strength.

Weight traits

Negative traits Obese and Overweight can be removed by losing weight or obtained by gaining weight.
Negative traits Underweight and Very Underweight can be removed by gaining weight or obtained by losing weight.

Fitness traits

Negative traits Out of Shape and Unfit can be removed by leveling up Fitness.
Positive traits Fit and Athletic can be gained by leveling up Fitness.

Strength/Fitness 0-1 2-4 5 6-8 9-10
Trait Weak/Unfit Feeble/Out of Shape None Stout/Fit Strong/Athletic

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