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Trunk Truck Bed
Category Item
Function Item Storage
Capacity Varies, see Capacity.

Trunk is a container, which can be found on all cars. Trunks can be opened, closed and locked; meaning you will need the respective car's key or access to the car's dashboard to unlock and open it. The capacity of the trunk can vary on its condition, and will be lowered if its damaged. If the trunk is damaged whilst full, items will still be available even if the trunk is put over max capacity. Once the items are taken out, the trunk cannot hold them again until the capacity is below max.


Vehicle Capacity
Chevalier Cerise Wagon 60
Chevalier D6 110
Chevalier Dart 40
Chevalier Cossette 30
Chevalier Nyala 55
Chevalier Primani 45
Chevalier Step Van 160
Dash Bulldriver 130
Dash Elite 45
Dash Rancher 40
Franklin All-Terrain 85
Franklin Valuline 130
Masterson Horizon 40
Mercia Lang 4000 45

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