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Trunk Lid
Trunk Lid
Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Prevents items from falling out the trunk.
Required tool Wrench
Technical details
Base ID Item IDs
“A damaged trunk lid may result in objects falling from your vehicle.”
— In-game description
A trunk lid is an item forming part of most vehicles.


A trunk lid is fitted onto the rear of a vehicle to prevent items in the trunk from falling out. The durability of the trunk determines the likeliness of items falling out of the vehicle. It is unknown whether this mechanic is present in the Chevalier D6, considering it cannot be fitted with a trunk lid.

Having a trunk lid fitted in a multiplayer game allows it to be locked using the car key, preventing other players from stealing items.

Item IDs

Vehicle type Class name
Standard Base.TrunkDoor1
Heavy-Duty Base.TrunkDoor2
Sport Base.TrunkDoor3

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