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Tutorial map

Tutorial is a game mode with restricted actions, aimed at learning the game mechanics and controls in the game. The tutorial features a unique map, with a location that's not present in the Knox Country map.


The new tutorial was revamped as a part of build 41, replacing the previous, more simple tutorial happening on the same map as House In The Woods, which had a similar style, but less mechanics and no Easter eggs.

In the tutorial, the player plays as a fairly basic character named Jane Doe, a name often used for an unknown woman. Throughout the tutorial, the player meats zombified versions of their family members, referred to as mom, dad, and a brother.

Throughout the tutorial, The Indie Stone's mascot, Spiffo, keeps on reiterating the fact that the player will die and that is inevitable.

When playing through the tutorial, there are indications that there is more than meets the eye. In the given section, if the player opens a window and then closes it without crawling through, Spiffo will say something along the lines of, That was INCORRECT. Do NOT break with the cycle... Tap 'E' to reopen the window, before we consider termination.

As seen from the quote, Spiffo refers to a "we", the identity of this we possibly resides in a secret scientific facility to the north-west of the map, dawning a bold "KEEP OUT" graffiti tag. The inside of the building includes a wall of security terminals and monitors, with the left wall featuring a giant cardboard Spiffo cutout. This building might be a nod to theories that either the United States government had something to do with the Knox Event or the Spiffo's companies' meat and patties are responsible.

In another building, There's also a secret morgue inside the tutorial.


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