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Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Road friction
Required tool Jack and Lug Wrench
Air pressure 30
Chance damaged 70%
Regular Tire
Air pressure 35
Chance damaged 50%
Performance Tire
Air pressure 40
Chance damaged 30%
Technical details
Base ID Item IDs
“Low condition tire has less friction on the road.
A critical lack of condition or pressure can also make the tire burst.”
— In-game description
A tire is an item forming an integral part of a vehicle, and can be found in three different variants, valu-tire, regular tire and performance tire.


A tire is fitted onto the vehicle, over the top of the suspension and brakes, therefore the tire must first be removed to access either of these parts. The tires are the only part of the vehicle that makes contact with the ground, therefore the tire friction is important to reduce swerve and improve control.

Tire condition will constantly decrease, however at a much greater rate when driving off-road. Tires with low condition have far less friction on the road and are more prone to bursting. A tire also has air pressure, which must be maintained with a tire pump, otherwise the risk of the tire bursting will be increased.

Item IDs

Class name Vehicle type
Old Tire Base.OldTire1 Standard
Base.OldTire2 Heavy-Duty
Base.OldTire3 Sport
Regular Tire Base.NormalTire1 Standard
Base.NormalTire2 Heavy-Duty
Base.NormalTire3 Sport
Base.ModernTire1 Standard
Base.ModernTire2 Heavy-Duty
Base.ModernTire3 Sport

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