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U-Store It
U-Store It
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Self storage lot
Floor count
1 floors

U-Store It is a self storage chain with locations in Riverside, Muldraugh, and Louisville.


Location Description Coordinates
Selfstorage riverside.png
Short distance southwest of Riverside, near Scenic Grove Mobile Park.
U Store It.png
North-east side of Louisville, just south of The Grand Ohio Mall next to Optima Eyes.
Next to the Sunstar Motel.
Western outskirts
U stor it western outskirts.png
Work in progress location.Future
U-store it louisville.png
Just south of Fossoil Field, next to the school.


The setup of different lots varies. Some are large lots with small units that are accessible from the outdoors, while others are inside one large building. However, all of the units can contain anything from furniture and generators to weapons and tools. Due to this, storage units are often considered high-value targets for looting. However, they are typically locked up. To bypass this, the player must either loot a key from a zombie, or destroy the large garage doors of the units to gain access. Weapons such as Axes, their variants, and Sledgehammers are ideal for this, but any weapon can be used. It is not possible to dismantle the doors to bypass destroying them, as is possible with police armory doors.


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