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Unknown Frequency

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The following contains unhidden spoilers pertaining to the story of Project Zomboid. Proceed at your own risk.

Unknown Frequency is a hidden channel that can be entered on a radio. Despite sharing its name with the incorrectly entered frequencies, it has a single message at a specific time while the rest is filled with static. Supposedly, the frequency is randomized, though it shows as 107.6 MHz in the game files.


The following is the complete transcript with times taken from media/radio/RadioData.xml

Date: July 12, 1993
Time: 06:0012:00



Hello? HELLO?
I'm in the Exclusion Zone. You're being LIED to.
The Army know exactly what this is.
It's a disease that...
People aren't people anymore!
At first it came from a fever, anyone could get it.
People died real quick and... it happened.
Now: they get their teeth into you? You're one of them.
And we can't get out.
They've got snipers.
They don't ask questions.
But making that kinda noise...
Noise attracts the dead.
There are so many here, and so quickly.
Too quickly.




  • This transmission is one of three in the game to cause panic and fear in the player (total of +30 Panic and +30 Fear).

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