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This feature/item is planned in a future version. It either does not exist yet, or does not yet have any known use.

The details on this page are largely based on speculation with regards to what has been mentioned by the devs on the forums, reddit, steam and discord.

Remember that nothing is set in stone leading up to the release of a patch or release candidate.

Build 41 - Animations

Clothing Mesh Demo from Youtube
Sim-style wall cutaways (click to enlarge)
IWBUMS: Q4 2019
Stable: TBA


  • Completely new animations system[1]
    • AnimZed tool
  • More clothing variations and meshes
  • Blood and dirt will be visualised on clothing, including tears and player damage.[2]
  • New weapons
    • New weapon meshes
    • New skills to reflect new weapons
    • Weapon attachments showed on weapons[3]
  • Improved combat system
  • 'Reflective' and animated water[4]
  • Sim-style cutaways for interior walls[5]
  • New music
  • Openable garage doors[6]
  • New zombie audio and SFX[7]

Build 42 - Hunting

Rabbits will roam the countryside
Stable: TBA


  • Wildlife roaming the countryside[8][9]
  • Ranged combat overhaul
  • Sneaking, improved sneaking animations and skills
    • Hide behind cover (walls and objects)
  • Improved fire graphics and mechanics[2]
  • Gamepad/Controller improvements[10][11]
    • Playable on various controller types (including DS)
    • Ability to test it's working in options
    • Adjust button bindings
    • 'General info' tab for more specialist set-ups

Build 43 - NPC Scenarios/Encounters

The continuing adventures of Kate and Baldspot
Stable: TBA


  • Non persistent NPC set pieces and events[9]
Kate and Bob's story will begin where it left off, in a tutorial style where Bob has to tend to Kate's wounds whilst also venturing out looking for supplies. Kate and Baldspot will go on a long journey over the map (to an as yet undisclosed location) and the stories told will cover the people they meet and the places they'll go on their travels. [12]

Build 44 - Autonomous NPCs and groups

Stable: TBA


  • NPCs that can play the game, group with player and be ordered around[9]

Build 45 - NPC Group/Faction mechanics

Stable: TBA


  • Personalities[9]
  • group politics
  • inter-group conflicts
  • metagame
  • story interactions

Version 1.0 - NPCs

Prospect map for Project Zomboid (click to enlarge)
Stable: TBA


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