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Containers are unmovable objects that are found in buildings. They currently only hold up to 6 items.

Cash register

Cash registers can be found in various restaurants and stores. They can hold 6 items. They contain nothing.

Armoire de cuisine

Kitchen cupboards are found in the kitchens of houses. They contain a large range of objects, which includes food, general items as well as weapons. In some locations (such as the generic two story house in the suburbs) these cupboards can also be found in bathrooms.

Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are found exclusively in bathrooms. They are the only source of painkillers, beta blockers, anti-depressants and sleeping tablets.


Found in kitchens, the oven can hold 6 items. Currently ovens don't work. The oven in the tutorial house is the only one that will have any effect, and then only during the tutorial.


Refrigerators are found within houses and buildings. They usually contain food such as steak, apples and carrots. Sometimes they also have unexpected items such as the flashlight.

Vending machine

Vending machines can be found next to the diner. They usually contain crisps or pop.


A wardrobe is a large container which usually contains bed sheets, belts and sometimes even weapons. They are only found in the bedrooms of houses.

Wooden crate

Wooden crates are found in the warehouse as well as in some locations along the left border of the map. They are the only source of petrol, and one of the only sources of wood planks.