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Name: Connall

Position: Wiki Manager

Background: My job around here is to make sure the wiki is running smoothly. I'm tasked with checking edits to pages to make sure that nothing offensive/deceiving is posted onto the site. I act in the wiki's best interest, often introducing new elements into the wiki and oversee all design decisions. I manage users of the wiki, dealing with spambots, trollers or anything else that might arise requiring an administrator.

I don't contribute here much anymore since I now work for The Indie Stone as a Programmer and that takes up a lot of my time. However, I'm always contactable.


Wish to contact me about The Indie Stone forums? Go to my forum profile and PM me.

Want to know why I rollbacked an edit you made? If a reason hasn't been given contact me through my wiki talk page. Found here.

Spam bots? Contact me through PM or Talk page.

Troublesome user? PM my forum profile and I will take a look.