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The Indie Stone forums Faalagorn is on the forums with the username Faalagorn.
The Indie Stone forums Faalagorn is on Steam with the username Faalagorn.
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Hey, it's me and here's some random stuff:


  • Add to Tiles
    • Graves
    • Church tiles
    • Railroad tiles
    • Industry tiles (metal elements)
    • Weathered Notices (to Trash)
    • Curtains, Sheets, Barricades, Sheet Rope
    • Mirrors
    • Signs, posters, flags, paintings, drawings, – standing and hanging (incl. Mall Map, Cinema stands, etc.), Canopies, Cork Boards
    • Floors, carpets, rugs, Grass, Plowed Land, Water, Snow, Gravel, Dirt, Crops, Roads?, Railroads?…
    • Entrances: Windows, Doors, Stairs
    • Walls, Fences, Railings, Cubicles, Sandbags
    • Roofs
    • Trees and bushes
  • Rename and reoptimize tiles (see also User:Faalagorn/.webp test)
  • Resort tiles
  • Use templates for Tiles (incl. automatic tile count, organized weight reduction, tools required, items obtained from disassembly…)
  • Add missing parameters for tiles (ID, thumpable, storage types (it's in comments), half-tile, can be go through, hanging etc.)
  • Add animations for container and overlays (incl. smashed by car)
  • Add different angles
  • Take care of Containers
  • Take care of Carpentry (renames et al.)