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Vaileasys User Page
User information
Name: Vaileasys
Birthday: August 26
Location: Australia, (AET)
Position: Administrator [verify]
Member since: 12th April 2018
Talk page Vaileasys can be contacted on their talk page.
The Indie Stone forums Vaileasys is on the forums with the username Vaileasys.
The Indie Stone forums Vaileasys is on Steam with the username Vaileasys.
The Indie Stone Discord channel Vaileasys is on Discord with the username Vaileasys#6215.
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About me
I am a self-taught amateur programmer with no formal training in the field. However, I have spent quite a bit of time learning Java while modding Minecraft, beginning in 2011. Since becoming a wiki editor, I have learnt a significant amount from MediaWiki about Wiki markup, along with some HTML attributes and CSS styles.

In my personal life, I am working full-time for an Australian electricity distributor and working on the Project Zomboid wiki and mods in my spare time.

I first played Project Zomboid in 2013 and have continued to play on and off. I decided to contribute to the wiki when I came across it looking for answers, however the majority of articles were severely outdated or contained very basic information. Since then, I've taken it upon myself to do my best at bringing this wiki up-to-date and keeping it up to date, whilst also continuing to improve it.

This user is the project leader of
Project Seat Yourself Furniture



Steam icon logo.png Vaileasys owns Project Zomboid on Steam!
Windows logo - 2012.png Vaileasys plays Project Zomboid on Windows!
Uses Paint.NET
Uses 3ds max 2019
Uses Google Chrome


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
GPU: GeForce RTX 2070


Talk pages

Working on
  • Cooking – Write an extensive article about the skill
  • Game Modes – Updated, however challenges still have very basic information. Already completed You Have One Day (Challenge).
  • Knox Country – Needs a complete overhaul. Currently contains very basic information.
  • Radio – has some information about how radios work, however it needs to be reviewed, updated and include walkie talkie and ham radio
  • Outdated pages – Any page prior to version 40, may be outdated.
  • Crafting – Article is missing a lot of recipes. Currently waiting to fix the problem with recipe templates.
On hold
  • Mechanics – guide for this skill is a stub and needs to be expanded (medium-high priority)
  • Foraging – needs to be reviewed, to ensure info is up-to-date and includes medicinal herbs and mortar and pestle (low-medium priority)
  • Metalworking – has a solid foundation, however it needs to be a proper guide (low-medium priority)
  • Occupation – information is up-to-date, however the article seems very basic (low priority)
  • Skills – needs a review (low priority)
  • Health – needs to be reviewed and expanded (low priority)
  • Category:Help – providing more help options to get new editors started: links, tables (low priority)