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Extracted 12/4/22

Baseball.png ID: Baseball Name: Baseball Icon: Baseball
Basketball.png ID: Basketball Name: Basketball Icon: Basketball
Dart.png ID: Dart Name: Dart Icon: Dart
Football.png ID: Football Name: Football Icon: Football
GolfBall.png ID: GolfBall Name: Golf Ball Icon: GolfBall
Poolball.png ID: Poolball Name: Pool Ball Icon: Poolball
TennisBall.png ID: TennisBall Name: Tennis Ball Icon: TennisBall


Extracted 12/4/22

Earrings.png ID: Earrings Name: Earrings Icon: Earrings
Glasses1.png ID: Glasses Name: Glasses Icon: Glasses1
Glasses2.png ID: Glasses2 Name: Glasses Icon: Glasses2
Necklacepearl.png ID: Necklacepearl Name: Pearl Necklace Icon: Necklacepearl
Ring.png ID: Ring Name: Ring Icon: Ring
Socks1.png ID: Socks1 Name: Socks Icon: Socks1
Socks2.png ID: Socks2 Name: Socks Icon: Socks2
WeddingRing Man.png ID: WeddingRing_Man Name: Wedding Ring Icon: WeddingRing_Man
WeddingRing Woman.png ID: WeddingRing_Woman Name: Wedding Ring Icon: WeddingRing_Woman


Extracted 12/4/22

MakeupEyeshadow.png ID: MakeupEyeshadow Name: Eyes Makeup Icon: MakeupEyeshadow
MakeupFoundation.png ID: MakeupFoundation Name: Foundation Makeup Icon: MakeupFoundation
Lipstick.png ID: Lipstick Name: Lipstick Icon: Lipstick
Mirror.png ID: Mirror Name: Mirror Icon: Mirror
Blonde Hair Dye ID: HairDyeBlonde Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeBlonde
Black Hair Dye ID: HairDyeBlack Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeBlack
White Hair Dye ID: HairDyeWhite Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeWhite
Pink Hair Dye ID: HairDyePink Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyePink
Yellow Hair Dye ID: HairDyeYellow Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeYellow
Red Hair Dye ID: HairDyeRed Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeRed
Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye ID: HairDyeGinger Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeGinger
Light Brown Hair Dye ID: HairDyeLightBrown Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeLightBrown
Green Hair Dye ID: HairDyeGreen Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeGreen
Blue Hair Dye ID: HairDyeBlue Name: Hair Dye Icon: HairDyeBlue
HairGel.png ID: Hairgel Name: Hair Gel Icon: HairGel
Hairspray.png ID: Hairspray Name: Hairspray Icon: Hairspray


Extracted 12/4/22

Lamp.png ID: Lamp Name: Lamp Icon: Lamp
Sponge.png ID: Sponge Name: Sponge Icon: Sponge
Underwear1.png ID: Underwear1 Name: Underwear Icon: Underwear1
Underwear2.png ID: Underwear2 Name: Underwear Icon: Underwear2
Rag.png ID: RippedSheets Name: Ripped Sheets Icon: Rag


Extracted 12/4/22

PlushSpiffo.png ID: Spiffo Name: Spiffo (item) Icon: PlushSpiffo
Plush Badger.png ID: BorisBadger Name: Boris The Badger Icon: Plush_Badger
Plush Beaver.png ID: JacquesBeaver Name: Jacques The Beaver Icon: Plush_Beaver
Plush Fox.png ID: FreddyFox Name: Freddy The Fox Icon: Plush_Fox
Plush Hedgehog.png ID: PancakeHedgehog Name: Pancake The Hedgehog Icon: Plush_Hedgehog
Plush Mole.png ID: MoleyMole Name: Moley The Mole Icon: Plush_Mole
Plush Rabbit.png ID: Spiffo Name: Fluffyfoot The Bunny Icon: Plush_Rabbit
Plush Squirrel.png ID: Spiffo Name: Furbert The Squirrel Icon: Plush_Squirrel


Extracted 12/4/22

Bell.png ID: Bell Name: Bell Icon: Bell
Belt.png ID: Belt Name: Belt Icon: Belt
ChessBlack.png ID: ChessBlack Name: Black Chess Pieces Icon: ChessBlack
Bricktoys.png ID: Bricktoys Name: Bricktoys Icon: Bricktoys
Button.png ID: Button Name: Button Icon: Button
CatToy.png ID: CatToy Name: Cat Toy Icon: CatToy
Disc.png ID: Disc Name: CD Icon: Disc
Cologne.png ID: Cologne Name: Cologne Icon: Cologne
Comb.png ID: Comb Name: Comb Icon: Comb
Corkscrew.png ID: Corkscrew Name: Corkscrew Icon: Corkscrew
Corpse ID: CorpseMale Name: Containers#Corpses Icon: Container_DeadPerson_Male
Corpse ID: CorpseFemale Name: Containers#Corpses Icon: Container_DeadPerson Female
Crayons.png ID: Crayons Name: Crayons Icon: Crayons
CreditCard.png ID: CreditCard Name: Credit Card Icon: CreditCard
Cube.png ID: Cube Name: Cube Icon: Cube
Dice.png ID: Dice Name: Dice Icon: Dice
DogChew.png ID: DogChew Name: Dog Chew Toy Icon: DogChew
Doll.png ID: Doll Name: Doll Icon: Doll
Frame.png ID: Frame Name: Frame Icon: Frame
KnittingNeedles.png ID: KnittingNeedles Name: Knitting Needles Icon: KnittingNeedles
Leash.png ID: Leash Name: Leash Icon: Leash
Locket.png ID: Locket Name: Locket Icon: Locket
Money.png ID: Money Name: Money Icon: Money
Perfume1.png ID: Perfume Name: Perfume Icon: Perfume1
CardDeck.png ID: CardDeck Name: Playing Cards Icon: CardDeck
Razor.png ID: Razor Name: Razor Icon: Razor
RubberBand.png ID: RubberBand Name: Rubber Band Icon: RubberBand
Rubberducky.png ID: Rubberducky Name: Rubber Duck Icon: Rubberducky
ToiletPaper.png ID: ToiletPaper Name: Toilet Paper Icon: ToiletPaper
Toothbrush.png ID: Toothbrush Name: Toothbrush Icon: Toothbrush
Toothpaste.png ID: Toothpaste Name: Toothpaste Icon: Toothpaste
ToyBear.png ID: ToyBear Name: Toy Bear Icon: ToyBear
ToyCar.png ID: ToyCar Name: Toy Car Icon: ToyCar
Wallet.png ID: Wallet Name: Wallet Icon: Wallet
Wallet 02.png ID: Wallet2 Name: Wallet Icon: Wallet_02
Wallet 03.png ID: Wallet3 Name: Wallet Icon: Wallet_03
Wallet 04.png ID: Wallet4 Name: Wallet Icon: Wallet_04
ChessWhite.png ID: ChessWhite Name: White Chess Pieces Icon: ChessWhite
WaterDish.png ID: WaterDish Name: Water Dish Icon: WaterDish
Yoyo.png ID: Yoyo Name: Yoyo Icon: Yoyo


Extracted 12/4/22

Amplifier.png ID: Amplifier Name: Amplifier Icon: Amplifier
Battery.png ID: Battery Name: Battery Icon: Battery
TimerCrafted.png ID: TimerCrafted Name: Crafted Timer Icon: TimerCrafted
TriggerCrafted.png ID: TriggerCrafted Name: Crafted Trigger Icon: TriggerCrafted
ElectricWire.png ID: ElectricWire Name: Electric Wire Icon: ElectricWire
ElectronicsScrap.png ID: ElectronicsScrap Name: Electronics Scrap Icon: ElectronicsScrap
MotionSensor.png ID: MotionSensor Name: Motion Sensor Icon: MotionSensor
RadioReceiver.png ID: RadioReceiver Name: Radio Receiver Icon: RadioReceiver
RadioTransmitter.png ID: RadioTransmitter Name: Radio Transmitter Icon: RadioTransmitter
Light Bulb ID: LightBulb Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulb
Red Light Bulb ID: LightBulbRed Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbRed
Green Light Bulb ID: LightBulbGreen Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbGreen
Blue Light Bulb ID: LightBulbBlue Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbBlue
Yellow Light Bulb ID: LightBulbYellow Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbYellow
Cyan Light Bulb ID: LightBulbCyan Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbCyan
Magenta Light Bulb ID: LightBulbMagenta Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbMagenta
Orange Light Bulb ID: LightBulbOrange Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbOrange
Purple Light Bulb ID: LightBulbPurple Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbPurple
Pink Light Bulb ID: LightBulbPink Name: Light Bulb Icon: LightBulbPink


Extracted 12/4/22

Mattress.png ID: Mattress Name: Mattress Icon: Mattress


Extracted 12/4/22

MetalBar.png ID: MetalBar Name: Metal Bar Icon: MetalBar
MetalTube.png ID: MetalPipe Name: Metal Tube Icon: MetalTube


Extracted 12/4/22

Compost.png ID: CompostBag Name: Compost Bag Icon: Compost
TZ GardeningSprayCan.png ID: GardeningSprayCigarettes Name: Insecticide Spray Icon: TZ_GardeningSprayCan
TZ GardeningSprayCan.png ID: GardeningSprayMilk Name: Mildew Spray Icon: TZ_GardeningSprayCan
TZ IndieStoneNPK.png ID: Fertilizer Name: NPK Fertilizer Icon: TZ_IndieStoneNPK
TZ BroccoliSeeds.png ID: BroccoliSeed Name: Broccoli Seeds Icon: TZ_BroccoliSeeds
TZ CabbageLettuceSeeds.png ID: CabbageSeed Name: Cabbage Seeds Icon: TZ_CabbageLettuceSeeds
TZ CarrotSeeds.png ID: CarrotSeed Name: Carrot Seeds Icon: TZ_CarrotSeeds
TZ PotatoSeeds.png ID: PotatoSeed Name: Potato Seeds Icon: TZ_PotatoSeeds
TZ LRRadishSeeds.png ID: RedRadishSeed Name: Radish Seeds Icon: TZ_LRRadishSeeds
TZ StrewberrySeeds.png ID: StrewberrieSeed Name: Strawberry Seeds Icon: TZ_StrewberrySeeds
TZ TomatoSeeds.png ID: TomatoSeed Name: Tomato Seeds Icon: TZ_TomatoSeeds


Extracted 12/4/22

FishingLine.png ID: FishingLine Name: Fishing Line Icon: FishingLine
FishingTackle.png ID: FishingTackle Name: Fishing Tackle Icon: FishingTackle
FishingTackle2.png ID: FishingTackle2 Name: Fishing Tackle Icon: FishingTackle2

Vehicle Maintenance

Extracted 12/4/22

Petrol.png ID: PetrolCan Name: Gas Can Icon: Petrol


Extracted 12/4/22

DenimStrips.png ID: DenimStrips Name: Denim Strips Icon: DenimStrips
LeatherStrips.png ID: LeatherStrips Name: Leather Strips Icon: LeatherStrips
Pillow.png ID: Pillow Name: Pillow Icon: Pillow
Rope.png ID: Rope Name: Rope Icon: Rope
Sheet.png ID: Sheet Name: Sheet Icon: Sheet
SheetRope.png ID: SheetRope Name: Sheet Rope Icon: SheetRope
Tarp.png ID: Tarp Name: Tarp Icon: Tarp
Thread.png ID: Thread Name: Thread Icon: Thread
Twine.png ID: Twine Name: Twine Icon: Twine
Aluminum.png ID: Aluminum Name: Aluminum Icon: Aluminum
BarbedWire.png ID: BarbedWire Name: Barbed Wire Icon: BarbedWire
NailsBox.png ID: NailsBox Name: Box of Nails Icon: NailsBox
Box of Screws ID: Screws Name: Screws Icon: ScrewsBox
Doorhinge.png ID: Hinge Name: Door Hinge Icon: Doorhinge
DoorKnob.png ID: Doorknob Name: Doorknob Icon: DoorKnob
PaintbucketEmpty.png ID: PaintbucketEmpty Name: Empty Paint Bucket Icon: PaintbucketEmpty
PopEmpty.png ID: PopEmpty Name: Empty Pop Can Icon: PopEmpty
TinCanEmpty.png ID: TinCanEmpty Name: Empty Tin Can Icon: TinCanEmpty
Pipe.png ID: Pipe Name: Plastic Pipe Icon: Pipe
SheetMetal.png ID: SheetMetal Name: Metal Sheet Icon: SheetMetal
Nails.png ID: Nails Name: Nails Icon: Nails
Paperclip.png ID: Paperclip Name: Paperclip Icon: Paperclip
ScrapMetal.png ID: ScrapMetal Name: Scrap Metal Icon: ScrapMetal
Screws.png ID: Screws Name: Screws Icon: Screws
MetalSheetSmall.png ID: SmallSheetMetal Name: Small Metal Sheet Icon: MetalSheetSmall
Tent peg.png ID: TentPeg Name: Tent Peg Icon: Tent_peg
UnsableMetal.png ID: UnusableMetal Name: Unusable Metal Icon: UnsableMetal
WeldingRods.png ID: WeldingRods Name: Welding Rods Icon: WeldingRods
Wire.png ID: Wire Name: Wire Icon: Wire
Scotchtape.png ID: Scotchtape Name: Adhesive Tape Icon: Scotchtape
Concrete Powder.png ID: ConcretePowder Name: Bag of Concrete Powder Icon: Concrete_Powder
Bag of plaster powder.png ID: PlasterPowder Name: Bag of Plaster Powder Icon: Bag_of_plaster_powder
Sparklers.png ID: Sparklers Name: Box of Sparklers Icon: Sparklers
Charcoal.png ID: Charcoal Name: Charcoal Icon: Charcoal
RockSharpened.png ID: SharpedStone Name: Chipped Stone Icon: RockSharpened
Sandbag.png ID: Dirtbag Name: Dirt Bag Icon: Sandbag
DuctTape.png ID: DuctTape Name: Duct Tape Icon: DuctTape
Glue.png ID: Glue Name: Glue Icon: Glue
Gravelbag.png ID: Gravelbag Name: Gravel Bag Icon: Gravelbag
GunpowderJar.png ID: GunPowder Name: Gunpowder Icon: GunpowderJar
PropaneTank.png ID: PropaneTank Name: Propane Tank Icon: PropaneTank
Sandbag.png ID: Sandbag Name: Sand Bag Icon: Sandbag
Rock.png ID: Stone Name: Stone Icon: Rock
Woodglue.png ID: Woodglue Name: Wood Glue Icon: Woodglue
Black Paint ID: PaintBlack Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Black
Blue Paint ID: PaintBlue Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Blue
Brown Paint ID: PaintBrown Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Brown
Cyan Paint ID: PaintCyan Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Cyan
Green Paint ID: PaintGreen Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Green
Gray Paint ID: PaintGrey Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Grey
Light Blue Paint ID: PaintLightBlue Name: Paint Icon: Paint_LightBlue
Light Brown Paint ID: PaintLightBrown Name: Paint Icon: Paint_LightBrown
Orange Paint ID: PaintOrange Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Orange
Pink Paint ID: PaintPink Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Pink
Purple Paint ID: PaintPurple Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Purple
Red Paint ID: PaintRed Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Red
Turquoise Paint ID: PaintTurquoise Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Turquoise
White Paint ID: PaintWhite Name: Paint Icon: Paint_White
Yellow Paint ID: PaintYellow Name: Paint Icon: Paint_Yellow
Drawer.png ID: Drawer Name: Drawer Icon: Drawer
Logs4.png ID: LogStacks4 Name: Four Logs Stack Icon: Logs4
Logs.png ID: Log Name: Log Icon: Logs
Plank.png ID: Plank Name: Plank Icon: Plank
TZ WoodenStick.png ID: WoodenStick Name: Sturdy Stick Icon: TZ_WoodenStick
Logs3.png ID: LogStacks3 Name: Three Logs Stack Icon: Logs3
Branch.png ID: TreeBranch Name: Tree Branch Icon: Branch
Twigs.png ID: Twigs Name: Twigs Icon: Twigs
Logs2.png ID: LogStacks2 Name: Two Logs Stack Icon: Logs2
UnsableWood.png ID: UnusableWood Name: Unusable Wood Icon: UnsableWood


Extracted 14/4/22


Aviator Glasses ID: Glasses_Aviators Name: Glasses Icon: GlassesAviator
GlassesBlack.png ID: Glasses_Normal Name: Glasses Icon: GlassesBlack
GlassesBlue.png ID: Glasses_Normal Name: Glasses Icon: GlassesBlue
GlassesRed.png ID: Glasses_Normal Name: Glasses Icon: GlassesRed
Reading Glasses ID: Glasses_Reading Name: Glasses Icon: GlassesReading
Reflective Ski Sunglasses ID: Glasses Name: Glasses Icon: ShootingGlasses
Safety Goggles ID: Glasses_SafetyGoggles Name: Goggles Icon: SafetyGoggles
Shooting Glasses ID: Glasses_Shooting Name: Glasses Icon: ShootingGlasses_Reflective
Ski Goggles ID: Glasses_SkiGoggles Name: Goggles Icon: SkiGogglesBlack
Ski Goggles ID: Glasses_SkiGoggles Name: Goggles Icon: SkiGogglesWhite
Sunglasses ID: Glasses_Sun Name: Glasses Icon: GlassesSun
Swimming Goggles ID: Glasses_SwimmingGoggles Name: Goggles Icon: SwimmingGoggles
Eyepatch.png ID: Glasses_Eyepatch_Left Name: Eyepatch Icon: Eyepatch


Balaclava.png ID: Hat_BalaclavaFull Name: Balaclava Icon: Balaclava
Bandana (Face) ID: Hat_BandanaMask Name: Bandana Icon: Handkerchief_Black
Bandana (Face) ID: Hat_BandanaMask Name: Bandana Icon: Handkerchief_Blue
Bandana (Face) ID: Hat_BandanaMask Name: Bandana Icon: Handkerchief_Red
Bandana (Face) ID: Hat_BandanaMaskTINT Name: Bandana Icon: Handkerchief
DustMask.png ID: Hat_DustMask Name: Dust Mask Icon: DustMask
GasMask.png ID: Hat_GasMask Name: Gas Mask Icon: GasMask
HockeyMask.png ID: HockeyMask Name: Hockey Goalie Mask Icon: HockeyMask
SurgicalMaskBlue.png ID: Hat_SurgicalMask_Blue Name: Medical Mask Icon: SurgicalMaskBlue
SurgicalMaskGreen.png ID: Hat_SurgicalMask_Green Name: Medical Mask Icon: SurgicalMaskGreen
BalaclavaOpen.png ID: Hat_BalaclavaFace Name: Open Balaclava Icon: BalaclavaOpen
WeldingMask.png ID: WeldingMask Name: Welder Mask Icon: WeldingMask


Bandana (Head) ID: Hat_Bandana Name: Bandana Icon: BandanaBlack
Bandana (Head) ID: Hat_Bandana Name: Bandana Icon: BandanaRed
Bandana (Head) ID: Hat_Bandana Name: Bandana Icon: BandanaBlue
Bandana (Head) ID: Hat_BandanaTINT Name: Bandana Icon: BandanaBlack
Bandana (Tied) ID: Hat_BandanaTied Name: Bandana Icon: RamboBandanna_Black
Bandana (Tied) ID: Hat_BandanaTied Name: Bandana Icon: RamboBandanna_Blue
Bandana (Tied) ID: Hat_BandanaTied Name: Bandana Icon: RamboBandanna_Red
Bandana (Tied) ID: Hat_BandanaTiedTINT Name: Bandana Icon: RamboBandanna
BaseballCapRed.png ID: Hat_BaseballCap Name: Baseball Cap Icon: BasaeballCapRed
BaseballCapGreen.png ID: Hat_BaseballCap Name: Baseball Cap Icon: BasaeballCapGreen
BaseballCapBlue.png ID: Hat_BaseballCap Name: Baseball Cap Icon: BasaeballCapBlue
BaseballHat CamoGreen.png ID: Hat_BaseballCapArmy Name: Baseball Cap Icon: BasaeballHat_CamoGreen
BeanieGeneric.png ID: Hat_Beany Name: Beanie Hat Icon: BeanieGeneric
BeretGrey.png ID: Hat_Beret Name: Beret Icon: BeretGrey
Army Beret ID: Hat_BeretArmy Name: Beret Icon: BeretGreen
HatBonnieGreen.png ID: Hat_BonnieHat Name: Bonnie Hat Icon: HatBonnieGreen
HatBonnieCamo.png ID: Hat_BonnieHat_CamoGreen Name: Bonnie Hat Icon: HatBonnieCamo
BobHat.png ID: Hat_BucketHat Name: Bucket Hat Icon: BobHat
RabbitearsBlack.png ID: Hat_BunnyEarsBlack Name: Bunny Ears Icon: RabbitearsBlack
RabbitearsWhite.png ID: Hat_BunnyEarsWhite Name: Bunny Ears Icon: RabbitearsWhite
ChefHat.png ID: Hat_ChefHat Name: Chef Hat Icon: ChefHat
HatCowboyBlack.png ID: Hat_Cowboy Name: Cowboy Hat Icon: HatCowboyBlack
HatCowboyBrown.png ID: Hat_Cowboy Name: Cowboy Hat Icon: HatCowboyBrown
HatCowboyWhite.png ID: Hat_Cowboy Name: Cowboy Hat Icon: HatCowboyWhite
EarMuffs.png ID: Hat_EarMuffs Name: Ear Muffs Icon: EarMuffs
EarProtectors.png ID: Hat_EarMuff_Protectors Name: Ear Protectors Icon: EarProtectors
Fast Food Server Hat ID: Hat_FastFood Name: Server Hat Icon: CookHatBlack
Fast Food Server Hat ID: Hat_FastFood Name: Server Hat Icon: CookHatBlue
Fast Food Server Hat ID: Hat_FastFood Name: Server Hat Icon: CookHatGreen
Fast Food Server Hat ID: Hat_FastFood Name: Server Hat Icon: CookHatRed
Fast Food Server Hat ID: Hat_FastFood Name: Server Hat Icon: ChefHat
Fast Food Server Hat ID: Hat_FastFood Name: Server Hat Icon: CookHatYellow
FedoraGrey.png ID: Hat_Fedora Name: Fedora Icon: FedoraGrey
FedoraBrown.png ID: Hat_Fedora Name: Fedora Icon: FedoraBrown
Black Band Fedora ID: Hat_Fedora_Delmonte Name: Fedora Icon: FedoraYellow
Tartan Golf Cap ID: Hat_GolfHat Name: Golf Cap Icon: HatGolfTartan
Tartan Golf Cap ID: Hat_GolfHat Name: Golf Cap Icon: HatGolfWhitePlaid
Tartan Golf Cap ID: Hat_GolfHat Name: Golf Cap Icon: HatGolfBluePlaid
Tartan Golf Cap ID: Hat_GolfHat Name: Golf Cap Icon: HatGolfGreenPlaid
Golf Cap ID: Hat_GolfHatTINT Name: Golf Cap Icon: HatGolfWhite
Ice Cream Server Hat ID: Hat_FastFood_IceCream Name: Server Hat Icon: CookHatIceCream
SurgicalCapBlue.png ID: Hat_SurgicalCap_Blue Name: Medical Cap Icon: SurgicalCapGreen
SurgicalCapGreen.png ID: Hat_SurgicalCap_Green Name: Medical Cap Icon: SurgicalCapGreen
NewspaperHat.png ID: Hat_NewspaperHat Name: Newspaper Hat Icon: NewspaperHat
PartyHat Stars.png ID: Hat_PartyHat_Stars Name: Party Hat Icon: Item_PartyHat_Stars
PartyHat Stripes.png ID: Hat_PartyHat_TINT Name: Party Hat Icon: Item_PartyHat_Stripes
Peaked Army Cap ID: Hat_PeakedCapArmy Name: Beret Icon: HatBeretArmy
HatPoliceGrey.png ID: Hat_Police_Grey Name: Police Deputy Hat Icon: HatPoliceGrey
HatPoliceBlue.png ID: Hat_Police Name: Police Trooper Hat Icon: HatPoliceBlue
HatRaccoon.png ID: Hat_Raccoon Name: Raccoon Hat Icon: HatRaccoon
HatRanger.png ID: Hat_Ranger Name: Ranger Hat Icon: HatRanger
HatSantaRed.png ID: Hat_SantaHat Name: Santa Hat Icon: HatSantaRed
Green Santa Hat ID: Hat_SantaHatGreen Name: Santa Hat Icon: HatSantaGreen
Showercap.png ID: Hat_ShowerCap Name: Shower Cap Icon: Showercap
Spiffo's Server Hat ID: Hat_FastFood_Spiffo Name: Server Hat Icon: CookHatSpiffo
HatSummerYellow.png ID: Hat_SummerHat Name: Summer Hat Icon: HatSummerYellow
HatSummerPink.png ID: Hat_SummerHat Name: Summer Hat Icon: HatSummerYellow
HatSummerStriped.png ID: Hat_SummerHat Name: Summer Hat Icon: HatSummerStriped
SweatbandWhite.png ID: Hat_Sweatband Name: Sweatband Icon: SweatbandWhite
FoilHat.png ID: Hat_TinFoilHat Name: Tin Foil Hat Icon: FoilHat
HatVisorBlack.png ID: Hat_VisorBlack Name: Visor Icon: HatVisorBlack
HatVisorRed.png ID: Hat_VisorRed Name: Visor Icon: HatVisorRed
HatVisorWhite.png ID: Hat_VisorWhite Name: Visor Icon: HatVisorWhite
VeilWedding.png ID: Hat_WeddingVeil Name: Wedding Veil Icon: VeilWedding
WinterHatBlue.png ID: Hat_WinterHat Name: Winter Hat Icon: WinterHatBlue
WinterHatGreen.png ID: Hat_WinterHat Name: Winter Hat Icon: WinterHatGreen
WinterHatBlack.png ID: Hat_WinterHat Name: Winter Hat Icon: WinterHatBlack
WoolHatGeneric.png ID: Hat_WoolyHat Name: Woolly Hat Icon: WoolHatGeneric


HelmetSP.png ID: Hat_SPHhelmet Name: Air Force Helmet Icon: HelmetSP
Kentucky Baseball Helmet ID: Hat_BaseballHelmet_KY Name: Baseball Helmet Icon: HelmetBaseballRed
Riverside Rangers Baseball Helmet ID: Hat_BaseballHelmet_Rangers Name: Baseball Helmet Icon: HelmetBaseballGreen
Z Hurricanes Baseball Helmet ID: Hat_BaseballHelmet_Z Name: Baseball Helmet Icon: HelmetBaseballBlue
HelmetBicycleWhite.png ID: Hat_BicycleHelmet Name: Bicycle Helmet Icon: HelmetBicycleWhite
BoxingHeadgear Red.png ID: Hat_BoxingRed Name: Boxing Head Gear Icon: BoxingHeadgear_Red
BoxingHeadgear Blue.png ID: Hat_BoxingBlue Name: Boxing Head Gear Icon: BoxingHeadgear_Blue
HelmetCrash.png ID: Hat_CrashHelmet Name: Crash Helmet Icon: HelmetCrash
HelmetFireman.png ID: Hat_Fireman Name: Firefighter Helmet Icon: HelmetFireman
HelmetFootballBlue.png ID: Hat_FootballHelmet Name: Football Helmet Icon: HelmetFootballBlue
HelmetFootballRed.png ID: Hat_FootballHelmet Name: Football Helmet Icon: HelmetFootballRed
HelmetFootballWhite.png ID: Hat_FootballHelmet Name: Football Helmet Icon: HelmetFootballWhite
HardHatYellow.png ID: Hat_HardHat Name: Hard Hat Icon: HardHatYellow
HardHatBlue.png ID: Hat_HardHat Name: Hard Hat Icon: HardHatBlue
HardHatRed.png ID: Hat_HardHat Name: Hard Hat Icon: HardHatRed
HardHatWhite.png ID: Hat_HardHat Name: Hard Hat Icon: HardHatWhite
HelmetHockeyBlack.png ID: Hat_HockeyHelmet Name: Hockey Helmet Icon: HelmetHockeyBlack
Jockey Helmet - 1 ID: Hat_JockeyHelmet01 Name: Jockey Helmet Icon: HelmetJockeyBlue
Jockey Helmet - 2 ID: Hat_JockeyHelmet02 Name: Jockey Helmet Icon: HelmetJockeyRed
Jockey Helmet - 3 ID: Hat_JockeyHelmet03 Name: Jockey Helmet Icon: HelmetJockeyGreen
Jockey Helmet - 4 ID: Hat_JockeyHelmet04 Name: Jockey Helmet Icon: HelmetJockeyPurple
Jockey Helmet - 5 ID: Hat_JockeyHelmet05 Name: Jockey Helmet Icon: HelmetJockeyYellow
Jockey Helmet - 6 ID: Hat_JockeyHelmet06 Name: Jockey Helmet Icon: HelmetJockeyOrange
HelmetArmyGreen.png ID: Hat_Army Name: Military Helmet Icon: HelmetArmyGreen
HardHatMiner.png ID: Hat_HardHat_Miner Name: Mining Helmet Icon: HardHatMiner
HelmetMotorcycleFullBlue.png ID: Hat_CrashHelmetFULL Name: Motorcycle Helmet Icon: HelmetMotorcycleFullBlue
HelmetMotorcycleFullBlack.png ID: Hat_CrashHelmetFULL Name: Motorcycle Helmet Icon: HelmetMotorcycleFullBlack
HelmetMotorcycleFullRed.png ID: Hat_CrashHelmetFULL Name: Motorcycle Helmet Icon: HelmetMotorcycleFullRed
NBCMask.png ID: Hat_NBCmask Name: Nuclear Biochemical Mask Icon: NBCMask
Police Motorcycle Helmet ID: Hat_CrashHelmet_Police Name: Crash Helmet Icon: HelmetMotorcyclePolice
HelmetCrash.png ID: Hat_RidingHelmet Name: Riding Helmet Icon: HelmetCrash
HelmetRiot.png ID: Hat_RiotHelmet Name: Riot Helmet Icon: HelmetRiot
SpiffoHead.png ID: Hat_Spiffo Name: Spiffo Suit Head Icon: SpiffoHead
USA Crash Helmet ID: Hat_CrashHelmet_Stars Name: Crash Helmet Icon: HelmetMotorcycleFlag


TieBowBlack.png ID: Tie_BowTieFull Name: Bow Tie Icon: TieBowBlack
TieBowBlack.png ID: Tie_BowTieWorn Name: Clip-on Bow Tie Icon: TieBowBlack
TieBlack.png ID: Tie_Full Name: Tie Icon: TieBlack
TieBlack.png ID: Tie_Worn Name: Clip-on Tie Icon: TieBlack
TieSpiffo.png ID: Tie_Worn_Spiffo Name: Clip-on Spiffo Tie Icon: TieSpiffo
ScarfGeneric.png ID: Scarf_White Name: Scarf Icon: ScarfGeneric
ScarfStripedBlack.png ID: Scarf_StripeBlackWhite Name: Scarf Icon: ScarfStripedBlack
ScarfStripedBlue.png ID: Scarf_StripeBlueWhite Name: Scarf Icon: ScarfStripedBlue
ScarfStripedRed.png ID: Scarf_StripeRedWhite Name: Scarf Icon: ScarfStripedRed
TieSpiffo.png ID: Tie_Full_Spiffo Name: Spiffo Tie Icon: TieSpiffo


Baseball Shirt ID: Shirt_Baseball_KY Name: Baseball Shirt Icon: ShirtAthleticRed
BandeauGeneric.png ID: Shirt_BoobTube Name: Bandeau Icon: BandeauGeneric
ShirtAthleticRed.png ID: Shirt_BowlingBlue Name: Bowling Shirt Icon: ShirtAthleticRed
TubeTopStrappedGeneric.png ID: Shirt_CropTopNoArmTINT Name: Crop Top Icon: TubeTopStrappedGeneric
TubeTopSleevedGeneric.png ID: Shirt_CropTopTINT Name: Crop Top Arms Icon: TubeTopSleevedGeneric
ShirtDenimBlue.png ID: Shirt_Denim Name: Denim Shirt Icon: ShirtDenimBlue
Fireman T-shirt ID: Tshirt_Profession_FiremanBlue Name: T-Shirt Icon: Tshirt_Profession_FiremanBlue
ShirtGeneric.png ID: Shirt_FormalWhite Name: Formal Shirt Icon: ShirtGeneric
Hawaiian Shirt ID: Shirt_HawaiianTINT Name: Hawaiian Shirt Icon: ShirtHawaiianWhite
Jockey Silks ID: Shirt_Jockey01 Name: Jockey Silks Icon: ShirtAthleticBlue
Long Sleeve T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_WhiteLongSleeve Name: Long Sleeve T-Shirt Icon: ShirtGeneric
ShirtLumberjackBlue.png ID: Shirt_Lumberjack Name: Lumberjack Shirt Icon: ShirtLumberjackBlue
ShirtScrubsBlue.png ID: Shirt_Scrubs Name: Medical Scrubs Icon: ShirtScrubsBlue
ShirtScrubsBlue.png ID: Tshirt_Scrubs Name: Medical T-Shirt Icon: ShirtScrubsBlue
Military Camo Shirt ID: Shirt_CamoGreen Name: Military Camo Shirt Icon: ShirtCamoGreen
Military Desert Camo Shirt ID: Shirt_CamoDesert Name: Military Camo Shirt Icon: ShirtCamoSand
Military Desert Camo T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_CamoDesert Name: Military Camo T-Shirt Icon: TShirtCamoSand
Military Green Camo T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_CamoGreen Name: Military Camo T-Shirt Icon: TShirtCamoGreen
Military T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_ArmyGreen Name: T-Shirt Icon: Tshirt_ArmyGreen
Military Urban Camo Shirt ID: Shirt_CamoUrban Name: Military Camo Shirt Icon: ShirtCamoGrey
Military Urban Camo T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_CamoUrban Name: Military Camo T-Shirt Icon: TShirtCamoGrey
Police Deputy Shirt ID: Shirt_PoliceGrey Name: Police Deputy Shirt Icon: ShirtPoliceGrey
Police Deputy T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_PoliceGrey Name: Police Deputy T-Shirt Icon: TshirtPoliceGrey
ShirtPoliceWhite.png ID: Shirt_OfficerWhite Name: Police Shirt Icon: ShirtPoliceWhite
Police T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_Profession_PoliceBlue Name: T-Shirt Icon: Tshirt_Profession_FiremanBlue
Police Trooper Shirt ID: Shirt_PoliceBlue Name: Police Trooper Shirt Icon: ShirtPoliceBlue
Police Trooper T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_PoliceBlue Name: Police Trooper T-Shirt Icon: TshirtPoliceBlue
ShirtGeneric 58.png ID: Shirt_Priest Name: Priest Shirt Icon: ShirtGeneric_58
Prison Guard Shirt ID: Shirt_PrisonGuard Name: Prison Guard Shirt Icon: ShirtPoliceSand
ShirtPoliceGreen.png ID: Shirt_Ranger Name: Ranger Shirt Icon: ShirtPoliceGreen
Ranger T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_Ranger Name: Ranger T-Shirt Icon: ShirtRanger
Ranger T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_Profession_RangerBrown Name: T-Shirt Icon: Tshirt_Profession_RangerBrown
TshirtGeneric.png ID: Shirt_FormalWhite_ShortSleeve Name: Short Sleeve Shirt Icon: TshirtGeneric
BandeauGeneric.png ID: Shirt_BoobTubeSmall Name: Small Bandeau Icon: BandeauGeneric
Spiffo T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_SpiffoDECAL Name: T-Shirt Icon: TshirtGeneric
Sport T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_Sport Name: T-Shirt Icon: ShirtAthleticBlue
TshirtGeneric.png ID: Tshirt_PoloStripedTINT Name: Striped T-Shirt Icon: TshirtGeneric
Tank Top ID: Vest_DefaultTEXTURE Name: Tank Top Icon: Vest_White
T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_Fossoil Name: T-Shirt Icon: Tshirt_Gas
T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_SportDECAL Name: T-Shirt Icon: TshirtGeneric
TIS T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_IndieStoneDECAL Name: T-Shirt Icon: TshirtGeneric
Veteran T-Shirt ID: Tshirt_Profession_VeteranGreen Name: T-Shirt Icon: Tshirt_Profession_RangerGreen
ShirtDenimBlue.png ID: Shirt_Workman Name: Workman Shirt Icon: ShirtDenimBlue

Torso Extra

Apron ID: Apron_Black Name: Apron Icon: ApronBlack
Camo Hunting Vest ID: Vest_Hunting_Camo Name: Hunting Vest Icon: Huntingvest_Camo
Civilian Bulletproof Vest ID: Vest_BulletCivilian Name: Bulletproof Vest Icon: BulletVestWhite
Diamond-pattern Sweater Vest ID: Jumper_TankTopDiamondTINT Name: Diamond-pattern Sweater Vest Icon: SweaterVestArgyle
ForemanVest.png ID: Vest_Foreman Name: Foreman Vest Icon: ForemanVest
GigaMart Waistcoat ID: Vest_Waistcoat_GigaMart Name: Waistcoat Icon: Vest_DarkBlue
Gray Hunting Vest ID: Vest_Hunting_Grey Name: Hunting Vest Icon: Huntingvest_Grey
Green Camo Hunting Vest ID: Vest_Hunting_CamoGreen Name: Hunting Vest Icon: Huntingvest_Camo
ConstructionVest.png ID: Vest_HighVis Name: High Visibility Vest Icon: ConstructionVest
Military Bulletproof Vest ID: Vest_BulletArmy Name: Bulletproof Vest Icon: BulletVestCamo
Orange Hunting Vest ID: Vest_Hunting_Orange Name: Hunting Vest Icon: Huntingvest_Orange
Police Bulletproof Vest ID: Vest_BulletPolice Name: Bulletproof Vest Icon: BulletVestPolice
V-Neck Sweater Vest ID: Jumper_TankTopTINT Name: V-Neck Sweater Vest Icon: SweaterVestWhite
Waistcoat ID: Vest_Waistcoat Name: Waistcoat Icon: Vest_Black


Wedding Jacket ID: WeddingJacket Name: Wedding Jacket Icon: JacketSuitTux
Ghillie Suit Torso ID: Ghillie_Top Name: Ghillie Suit Torso Icon: JacketGhillie
Suit Jacket ID: Suit_Jacket Name: Suit Jacket Icon: JacketSuitBlack
Varsity Jacket ID: Jacket_Varsity Name: Varsity Jacket Icon: JacketVarsity_KY
Medical Coat ID: JacketLong_Doctor Name: Medical Coat Icon: JacketDoctor
Army Coat ID: Jacket_CoatArmy Name: Army Coat Icon: JacketArmyDress
Leather Jacket ID: JacketLong_Random Name: Leather Jacket (Long) Icon: JacketLongBlack
Santa Suit Jacket ID: JacketLong_Santa Name: Santa Suit Jacket Icon: JacketSantaRed
Military Desert Camo Jacket ID: Jacket_ArmyCamoDesert Name: Military Desert Camo Jacket Icon: ShirtCamoSand
Military Green Camo Jacket ID: Jacket_ArmyCamoGreen Name: Military Green Camo Jacket Icon: ShirtCamoGreen
Leather Jacket ID: Jacket_Black Name: Leather Jacket Icon: JacketBlack
Chef Jacket ID: Jacket_Chef Name: Chef Jacket Icon: JacketChef
Firefighter Jacket ID: Jacket_Fireman Name: Firefighter Jacket Icon: JacketFireman
Padded Jacket ID: Jacket_PaddedDOWN Name: Padded Jacket Icon: JacketPadded_White
Police Deputy Jacket ID: Jacket_Police Name: Police Deputy Jacket Icon: JacketPolice
Ranger Jacket ID: Jacket_Ranger Name: Ranger Jacket Icon: JacketRanger
Jacket ID: Jacket_WhiteTINT Name: Jacket Icon: Jacket_White
Diamond-pattern Sweater ID: Jumper_DiamondPatternTINT Name: Diamond-pattern Sweater Icon: SweaterVneckArgyle
Polo Neck Sweater ID: Jumper_PoloNeck Name: Polo Neck Sweater Icon: SweaterTurtleneckWhite
Round Neck Sweater ID: Jumper_RoundNeck Name: Round Neck Sweater Icon: SweaterWhite
V-Neck Sweater ID: Jumper_VNeck Name: V-Neck Sweater Icon: SweaterVneckWhite
Hoodie ID: HoodieDOWN_WhiteTINT Name: Hoodie Icon: HoodieWhite
Hoodie (hooded) ID: HoodieUP_WhiteTINT Name: Hoodie Icon: HoodieWhite
Poncho (hooded) ID: PonchoGreen Name: Poncho Icon: HoodieWhite
Poncho ID: PonchoGreenDOWN Name: Poncho Icon: HoodieWhite
Jacket ID: Jacket_NavyBlue Name: Jacket Icon: Jacket_White


BoxingGloves Red.png ID: Gloves_BoxingRed Name: Boxing Gloves Icon: BoxingGloves_Red
Fingerless Gloves ID: Gloves_FingerlessGloves Name: Fingerless Gloves Icon: GlovesFingerlessWhite
Gloves ID: Gloves_WhiteTINT Name: Gloves Icon: GlovesWoolyWhite
Leather Gloves ID: Gloves_LeatherGloves Name: Leather Gloves Icon: GlovesLeatherBlack
Long Gloves ID: Gloves_LongWomenGloves Name: Long Gloves Icon: GlovesLongBlack
Surgical Gloves ID: Gloves_Surgical Name: Gloves Icon: GlovesSurgical


Belt.png ID: Belt2 Name: Belt Icon: Belt
AmmoStrap.png ID: AmmoStrap_Bullets Name: Bullets Ammo Strap Icon: AmmoStrap
GunHolsterDouble.png ID: HolsterDouble Name: Double Holster Icon: GunHolsterDouble
GunHolster.png ID: HolsterSimple Name: Holster Icon: GunHolster
AmmoStrap.png ID: AmmoStrap_Shells Name: Shells Ammo Strap Icon: AmmoStrap


Long Johns Bottoms ID: LongJohns_Bottoms Name: Long Johns Bottoms Icon: TrousersLongjohns
Military Camo Shorts ID: Shorts_CamoGreenLong Name: Military Camo Shorts Icon: TrousersCamoGreen
Long Denim Shorts ID: Shorts_LongDenim Name: Long Denim Shorts Icon: TrousersDenimBlue
Long Sport Shorts ID: Shorts_LongSport Name: Long Sport Shorts Icon: ShortsLongAthleticBlue
Long Sport Shorts ID: Shorts_LongSport_Red Name: Long Sport Shorts Icon: ShortsLongAthleticRed
Denim Shorts ID: Shorts_ShortDenim Name: Denim Shorts Icon: ShortsDenimDark
Shorts ID: Shorts_ShortFormal Name: Shorts Icon: ShortsWhite
Sport Shorts ID: Shorts_ShortSport Name: Sport Shorts Icon: ShortsAthleticBlue
Knee-length Skirt ID: Skirt_Knees Name: Knee-length Skirt Icon: SkirtGeneric
Long Skirt ID: Skirt_Knees Name: Long Skirt Icon: SkirtLongWhite
Skirt ID: Skirt_Normal Name: Skirt Icon: SkirtGeneric
Short Skirt ID: Skirt_Short Name: Short Skirt Icon: SkirtGeneric
Ghillie Suit Pants ID: Ghillie_Trousers Name: Ghillie Suit Pants Icon: TrousersGhillie
Pants ID: Trousers Name: Pants Icon: Trousers_White
Denim Jeans ID: TrousersMesh_DenimLight Name: Denim Jeans Icon: TrousersDenimLightBlue
Military Desert Camo Pants ID: Trousers_CamoDesert Name: Military Camo Pants Icon: TrousersCamoSand
Military Camo Pants ID: Trousers_CamoGreen Name: Military Camo Pants Icon: TrousersCamoGreen
Military Urban Camo Pants ID: Trousers_CamoUrban Name: Military Camo Pants Icon: TrousersCamoGrey
Chef Pants ID: Trousers_Chef Name: Chef Pants Icon: TrousersChef
Pants ID: Trousers_DefaultTEXTURE Name: Pants Icon: TrousersDenimBlue
Jeans ID: Trousers_Denim Name: Jeans Icon: TrousersDenimBlue
Firefighter Pants ID: Trousers_Fireman Name: Firefighter Pants Icon: TrousersFireman
Baggy Jeans ID: Trousers_JeanBaggy Name: Baggy Jeans Icon: TrousersDenimBlue
Padded Pants ID: Trousers_Padded Name: Padded Pants Icon: PaddedTrousers_White
Police Trooper Pants ID: Trousers_Police Name: Police Trooper Pants Icon: TrousersPoliceBlue
Police Deputy Pants ID: Trousers_PoliceGrey Name: Police Deputy Pants Icon: TrousersPoliceGrey
Prison Guard Pants ID: Trousers_PrisonGuard Name: Prison Guard Pants Icon: TrousersPrisonGuard
Ranger Pants ID: Trousers_Ranger Name: Ranger Pants Icon: TrousersRanger
Santa Suit Pants ID: Trousers_Santa Name: Santa Suit Pants Icon: TrousersSantaRed
Medical Pants ID: Trousers_Scrubs Name: Medical Pants Icon: TrousersScrubsBlue
Suit Pants ID: Trousers_Suit Name: Suit Pants Icon: TrousersSuitBlack
Suit Pants ID: Trousers_SuitTEXTURE Name: Suit Pants Icon: TrousersSuitBlack
Suit Pants ID: Trousers_SuitWhite Name: Suit Pants Icon: TrousersSuitWhite
Pants ID: Trousers_WhiteTEXTURE Name: Pants Icon: TrousersGeneric
Overalls ID: Dungarees Name: Overalls Icon: OverallsDenim
Army Pants ID: Trousers_ArmyService Name: Army Pants Icon: TrouserstArmyDress
Black Trousers ID: Trousers_Black Name: Black Trousers Icon: TrouserstArmyDress
Navy Blue Trousers ID: Trousers_NavyBlue Name: Navy Blue Trousers Icon: TrousersGeneric


Long Socks ID: Socks_Long Name: Socks Icon: SocksWhite
SocksAnkleWhite.png ID: Socks_Ankle Name: Socks Icon: SocksAnkleWhite
Boots ID: Shoes_BlackBoots Name: Shoes Icon: BootsBiker
Flip Flops ID: Shoes_FlipFlop Name: Shoes Icon: FlipFlops
BootsARmy.png ID: Shoes_ArmyBoots Name: Military Boots Icon: BootsArmy
Military Desert Boots ID: Shoes_ArmyBootsDesert Name: Military Boots Icon: BootsHiking
Rain Boots ID: Shoes_Wellies Name: Shoes Icon: RainBoots
Riding Boots ID: Shoes_RidingBoots Name: Shoes Icon: BootsRiding
Shoes ID: Shoes_Black Name: Shoes Icon: Shoes
Shoes ID: Shoes_Brown Name: Shoes Icon: ShoesBrown
Shoes ID: Shoes_Random Name: Shoes Icon: Shoes
Slippers ID: Shoes_Slippers Name: Shoes Icon: ShoesSlippers
Sneakers ID: Shoes_RedTrainers Name: Shoes Icon: ShoesRunningRed
Sneakers ID: Shoes_BlueTrainers Name: Shoes Icon: ShoesRunningBlue
Sneakers ID: Shoes_TrainerTINT Name: Shoes Icon: ShoesRunningWhite


Airforce Coveralls ID: Boilersuit_Flying Name: Airforce Coveralls Icon: BoilerSuitGreen
Bath Robe ID: LongCoat_Bathrobe Name: Bath Robe Icon: BathrobeWhite
Coveralls ID: Boilersuit Name: Coveralls Icon: BoilerSuitWhite
Dress ID: Dress_Normal Name: Dress Icon: DressMediumWhite
Hazmat Suit ID: HazmatSuit Name: Hazmat Suit Icon: Hazmatsuit
Hospital Gown ID: HospitalGown Name: Hospital Gown Icon: HospitalGown
Knee-length Dress ID: Dress_Knee Name: Knee-length Dress Icon: DressShortWhite
Long Dress ID: Dress_Long Name: Long Dress Icon: DressLongWhite
Long Johns ID: LongJohns Name: Long Johns Icon: Longjohns
Prisoner Jumpsuit ID: Boilersuit_Prisoner Name: Prisoner Jumpsuit Icon: JumpsuitPrisonOrange
Prisoner Jumpsuit ID: Boilersuit_PrisonerKhaki Name: Prisoner Jumpsuit Icon: JumpsuitPrisonKhaki
Short Dress ID: Dress_Short Name: Short Dress Icon: DressShortWhite
Spiffo Suit ID: SpiffoSuit Name: Spiffo Suit Icon: SpiffoSuit
Wedding Dress ID: WeddingDress Name: Wedding Dress Icon: DressWedding


Bikini White.png ID: Bikini_TINT Name: Bikini Icon: Bikini_White
BoxersGeneric.png ID: Boxers_White Name: Boxers Icon: BoxersGeneric
BriefsGeneric.png ID: Briefs_White Name: Briefs Icon: BriefsGeneric
GlassesBlack.png ID: BunnySuitBlack Name: Bunny Suit Icon: GlassesBlack
CorsetWhite.png ID: Corset Name: Corset Icon: CorsetWhite
SpiffoTail.png ID: Garter Name: Garter Icon: SpiffoTail
SpeedoGeneric.png ID: Briefs_SmallTrunks_WhiteTINT Name: Speedo Icon: SpeedoGeneric
StockingsOpaque.png ID: StockingsBlack Name: Stockings Icon: StockingsOpaque
BraStraplessGeneric.png ID: Bra_Strapless_White Name: Strapless Bra Icon: BraStraplessGeneric
BraGeneric.png ID: Bra_Straps_White Name: Straps Bra Icon: BraGeneric
Swim Trunks ID: SwimTrunks_Blue Name: Swim Trunks Icon: ShortsAthleticBlue
Swimsuit ID: Swimsuit_TINT Name: Swimsuit Icon: Swimsuit_White
PantyhoseOpaque.png ID: TightsBlack Name: Tights Icon: PantyhoseOpaque
PantiesGeneric.png ID: Underpants_White Name: Underpants Icon: PantiesGeneric



Dog Tags ID: Necklace_DogTag Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_Dogtags
Gold Necklace ID: Necklace_Gold Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_Gold
Gold Necklace with Ruby Stone ID: Necklace_GoldRuby Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_GoldRuby
Gold Necklace with Diamond ID: Necklace_GoldDiamond Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_GoldDiamond
Silver Necklace ID: Necklace_Silver Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_Silver
Silver Necklace with Sapphire Stone ID: Necklace_SilverSapphire Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_SilverSapphire
Silver Necklace with Crucifix ID: Necklace_SilverCrucifix Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_SilverCrucifix
Silver Necklace with Diamond ID: Necklace_SilverDiamond Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_SilverDiamond
Necklace with Crucifix ID: Necklace_Crucifix Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_Crucifix
Necklace with Ying and Yang Symbol ID: Necklace_YingYang Name: Necklace Icon: Necklace_YingYang
Pearl Necklace ID: Necklace_Pearl Name: Necklace Icon: Necklacepearl
Long Gold Necklace ID: NecklaceLong_Gold Name: Necklace Icon: NecklaceLong_Gold
Long Gold Necklace with Diamond ID: NecklaceLong_GoldDiamond Name: Necklace Icon: NecklaceLong_GoldDiamond
Long Silver Necklace ID: NecklaceLong_Silver Name: Necklace Icon: NecklaceLong_Silver
Long Silver Necklace with Emerald ID: NecklaceLong_SilverEmerald Name: Necklace Icon: NecklaceLong_SilverEmerald
Long Silver Necklace with Sapphire Stone ID: NecklaceLong_SilverSapphire Name: Necklace Icon: NecklaceLong_SilverSapphire
Long Silver Necklace with Diamond ID: NecklaceLong_SilverDiamond Name: Necklace Icon: NecklaceLong_SilverDiamond
Long Necklace with Amber Stone ID: NecklaceLong_Amber Name: Necklace Icon: NecklaceLong_Amber
Black Choker ID: Necklace_Choker Name: Choker Icon: Necklace_Choker
Choker with Sapphire Stone ID: Necklace_Choker_Sapphire Name: Choker Icon: Necklace_Choker_Sapphire
Choker with Amber Stone ID: Necklace_Choker_Amber Name: Choker Icon: Necklace_Choker_Amber
Choker with Diamond ID: Necklace_Choker_Diamond Name: Choker Icon: Necklace_Choker_Diamond


Gold Nose Ring ID: NoseRing_Gold Name: Nose Ring Icon: NoseRing_Gold
Silver Nose Ring ID: NoseRing_Silver Name: Nose Ring Icon: NoseRing_Silver
Gold Nose Stud ID: NoseStud_Gold Name: Nose Ring Icon: NoseStud_Gold
Silver Nose Stud ID: NoseStud_Silver Name: Nose Ring Icon: NoseStud_Silver


Large Gold Looped Earrings ID: Earring_LoopLrg_Gold Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_LoopLrg_Gold
Large Silver Looped Earrings ID: Earring_LoopLrg_Silver Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_LoopLrg_Silver
Medium Silver Looped Earrings ID: Earring_LoopMed_Silver Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_LoopMed_Silver
Medium Gold Looped Earrings ID: Earring_LoopMed_Gold Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_LoopMed_Gold
Small Silver Looped Earrings ID: Earring_LoopSmall_Silver_Both Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_LoopSmall_Silver
Small Gold Looped Earrings ID: Earring_LoopSmall_Gold_Both Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_LoopSmall_Gold
Gold Stud Earrings ID: Earring_Stud_Gold Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Stud_Gold
Silver Stud Earrings ID: Earring_Stud_Silver Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Stud_Silver
Sapphire Stone Earrings ID: Earring_Stone_Sapphire Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Stone_Sapphire
Emerald Earrings ID: Earring_Stone_Emerald Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Stone_Emerald
Ruby Earrings ID: Earring_Stone_Ruby Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Stone_Ruby
Pearl Earrings ID: Earring_Pearl Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Stud_Pearl
Dangly Sapphire Earrings ID: Earring_Dangly_Sapphire Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Dangly_Sapphire
Dangly Emerald Earrings ID: Earring_Dangly_Emerald Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Dangly_Emerald
Dangly Ruby Earrings ID: Earring_Dangly_Ruby Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Dangly_Ruby
Dangly Diamond Earrings ID: Earring_Dangly_Diamond Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Dangly_Diamond
Dangly Pearl Earrings ID: Earring_Dangly_Pearl Name: Earrings Icon: Earring_Dangly_Pearl


Gold Ring ID: Ring_Right_MiddleFinger_Gold Name: Ring Icon: Ring_Gold
Silver Ring ID: Ring_Right_MiddleFinger_Silver Name: Ring Icon: Ring_Silver
Diamond on a Silver Ring ID: Ring_Right_MiddleFinger_SilverDiamond Name: Ring Icon: Ring_SilverDiamond
Ruby on a Gold Ring ID: Ring_Right_MiddleFinger_GoldRuby Name: Ring Icon: Ring_GoldRuby
Diamond on a Gold Ring ID: Ring_Right_MiddleFinger_GoldDiamond Name: Ring Icon: Ring_GoldDiamond


Classic Wrist Watch with Black Strap ID: WristWatch_Right_ClassicBlack Name: Classic Wrist Watch Icon: Watch_Black
Classic Wrist Watch with Brown Strap ID: WristWatch_Right_ClassicBrown Name: Classic Wrist Watch Icon: Watch_Brown
Standard Military Issue Wrist Watch ID: WristWatch_Right_ClassicMilitary Name: Classic Wrist Watch Icon: Watch_Military
Gold Wrist Watch ID: WristWatch_Right_ClassicGold Name: Classic Wrist Watch Icon: Watch_Gold
Black Digital Watch ID: WristWatch_Right_DigitalBlack Name: Digital Watch Icon: DigitalWatch_Black
Red Digital Watch ID: WristWatch_Right_DigitalRed Name: Digital Watch Icon: DigitalWatch_Red
Metallic Dress Style Digital Watch ID: WristWatch_Right_DigitalDress Name: Digital Watch Icon: DigitalWatch_Fancy
Gold Bangle ID: Bracelet_BangleRightGold Name: Bangle Icon: Bracelet_Bangle
Gold Chain Bracelet ID: Bracelet_ChainRightGold Name: Bangle Icon: Bracelet_Chain
Silver Bangle ID: Bracelet_BangleRightSilver Name: Bangle Icon: Bracelet_BangleSilver
Silver Chain Bracelet ID: Bracelet_ChainRightSilver Name: Bangle Icon: Bracelet_ChainSilver
Friendship Bracelet ID: Bracelet_RightFriendshipTINT Name: Bangle Icon: Bracelet_Friendship