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Hello, this is zombieslayer 123. I didn't know where else to put this. There are SO many new crafting recipes that need editing because the crafting recipes were nerfed recently (walls only cost 3 planks and stacks of nails for one) and some new crafting recipes (rain barrel collector). I don't know how I can edit/add the crafting recipes and the list of possible constructions. If someone comes across this, can you tell me how to add/edit these things, I really want to keep this wiki up to date.

Hi ZombieSlayer123 - Just curious as to the edits you're making. Many (Most?) seem to be just rearranging the information and not adding anything new. Could you please let me know why you're doing it this way as I see no difference other than the order of items in the code. For now I'll likely be undo-ing many of your changes for this reason.

Look at the code. There are changes in stats. The developers are constantly changing the code so it has to be updated every now and then in order to balance the items for the future. The codes that I posted are the game's most current codes that show the changes in each and every weapon. To match the codes, I have to update the information in the description. Anyway, because I want to keep this wiki up with the most current info, I'll un-undo your changes.

Ok - Thanks - I didn't see any differences in values when I looked through them - my mistake.

About your edit on the Woods articles.... Are you sure there's a Well near it? Because I've never seen the well in the southwestern part of the main map. If you could bring some picture, it would be nice too. Vagrant 16:17, 5 May 2012 (BST)