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Valley Station
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Isometric view of Valley Station
ca. 1950
United States of America


Valley Station is a large, spread out town located on the southern outskirts of Louisville. It is based on the real-life Valley Station, Louisville. Dixie Hwy (Route 31W) runs through the west section of Valley Station. The Crossroads Mall can also be found in Valley Station. While Valley Station mainly consists of various rural neighborhoods, farmsteads, and cabins, the central commercial district contains various places that often contain valuable supplies.

Valley Station is an overall difficult town to survive in. The zombie population tends to be rather high, especially for a rural area, and very spread out over large distances, including into the nearby forests and fields. Using vehicles can often result in back roads becoming swarmed from zombies exiting the trees and fields nearby, and the Crossroads Mall is infamous for the large zombie population it contains. Zombies may also wander into empty cells from Louisville as well via the migration mechanic, making Valley Station even more dangerous. Despite all this, most valuable loot is sparse, and many players consider Valley Station to have the worst zombie-to-loot ratio in all of Knox Country.


Valley Station can be divided into two districts.


The west and northeast of town are dominated by two large residential districts that mainly consist of various fields, forests, small neighborhoods, and rural farmsteads. The zombie population in these areas is high, and there is not much in terms of loot other than the occasional grocery store or house.


The central commercial district is also very spread out, and consists of the Crossroads Mall and its surrounding stores, as well as a few other businesses and a warehouse to the north. The zombie population is highly condensed around the mall, but is also high in most other areas, as Valley Station has a very consistently high amount of zombies.


  • Similarly to Muldraugh, the greatest danger in Valley Station is becoming exhausted. It is highly recommended to not solely rely on melee weapons in this town, despite the large population of zombies. Characters with low overall weapon skills or low fitness will struggle to survive in Valley Station.
  • It is not possible to spawn in Valley Station without the use of mods. If venturing here from another town, always bring extra supplies.
  • It is highly recommended to bring large amounts of firearms, high quality melee weapons, such as pickaxes or shovels, and repair materials from other towns, as loot, especially weapons, is sparse in Valley Station, and often surrounded by a sizable zombie population.
  • Fire Bombs and molotovs are highly effective in Valley Station due to the low density of loot rich buildings. This means that these weapons can be used with a much lower risk of burning valuable loot to the ground.
  • It is highly recommended to set up an outpost somewhere in town or on the outskirts before venturing further in, in order to give the player a space to rest, cook, and perform weapon repairs securely and without fear of large numbers of zombies.
  • It might be a good idea to skip most of Valley Station entirely and head directly to Louisville if the player is interested in large amounts of loot. Louisville has significantly more loot compared to the amount of zombies present.
  • The forests of Valley Station are not safe areas. Zombies frequently spawn or wander into the forests nearby.


Restaurant & Entertainment

Business Type Coordinates
Burgers Fast food 12545x5267
Cafe (Valley Station) Cafe 13093x5450
Diner Diner 12743x5712
Churns-R-Us Ice cream parlor 13655x5780
Food Market Grocery store 12572x5730
Pile o' Crepe Restaurant 13601x5756
Soup kitchen Communal dining area 13058x5294
Sweet Eats! Restaurant 3646x5669
The Straight Shooter Bar 13006x5263
Yummmers Restaurant 13572x5757
Knob Creek Hunting Lodge Lodge 13102x5302
Shooting range Shooting range 13272x5443
StarEPlex Cinema theater 13605x5885
Summer camp Summer camp 13766x6692
Drag Racing Drag strip 12870x6358


Business Type Coordinates
Guns-a-BlazInn Hotel/motel 13007x5323

Retail & Commercial

Business Type Coordinates
Beer + Liquor Retail store 12718x5062
Dressed to the 90s Clothing store 13685x5669
Food Market Grocery store 12570x5729
Grocery store Grocery store 12627x5326
Morris' Bait Shop Fishing shop 12538x5288
Worm of Books Book store 13605x5670
Zippee Market Convenience store 13655x5767
Silken Belles Hair salon 13618x5668
Knox Bank Bank 13655x5743
Gas 2 Go Gas station 13734x5658
Ruby Gas Gas station 12743x5046

Community services

Business Type Coordinates
Eternal Light Chapel Church 14548x4975
Fun-2-3 Childcare Daycare 13587x5669
J. Tinsley Elementary School Elementary school 12858x4856
Bus station Bus station 12733x5772
Sacred Flame Church Church 12854x4955


Business Type Coordinates
Self storage Self storage 12960x4878
Warehouse Warehouse 12622x4714
Valu In$urance Office 13666x5671

Crossroads Mall

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